Decorate Your Tree with One of a Kind Christmas Ornaments from Wendell August Forge

Christmas is a special time of year for all of us, encompassing everything positive we can form or feel for a season. Everything from the foods we eat to the music we listen to and the decorations we put up holds a special place in our hearts and memories. Perhaps it is a romance we have acquired over the years of practicing the same traditions in and out, perhaps it is simple enumeration with the aesthetics of the seasons and the moods created. Whatever the case is to each individual, Christmas is a nearly universally beloved time when we put the considerations of others first and are proud and honored in our spirit to give gifts.

Interestingly, at Christmastime, there is a special emotional premium placed on things that are old as opposed to the typical trend of wanting the newest and brightest things. Especially with decoration and ornamentation, the most coveted pieces are those that have lasted since before the dim beginning of our earliest memories. Accordingly, decorations and ornaments that have been around since before we can remember to hold the places of the highest esteem in our displays and on our trees. Every ornament and every gift has its origins somewhere, and to find those ornaments that will one day become the revered ageless ornament of yore, get your family and your loved ones Dated Christmas Ornaments from Wendell August Forge.

New today but ageless tomorrow, the dated Christmas ornaments from Wendell August Forge are a living testimony to the craftsmanship of the past that has only lived on in select corners of the market. Where most manufacturers in all corners of production have migrated to processes that mechanize to save time and money at the vast expense of quality, every single piece that comes finished off the forge at Wendell August is done the old fashioned way. Drafted and then made entirely by hand in a shop, with a craftsman’s watchful and precise eye presiding over the lines and the quality of the product. It may take longer and involve a bit more human capital than the competition, but in their eyes and in the eyes of all who still hold handmade art in high regard, the end result is well worth it. When you are looking for dated Christmas ornaments that will one day be the sentimental cornerstone of your family’s Christmastime decoration rituals, you will be hard-pressed to find any pieces more unique and attractive than those from Wendell August Forge.

Going with Wendell August Forge to provide beautiful dated Christmas ornaments that will become heirlooms and cherished tokens of memory in your family is a sure-fire bet. Each piece has a traditional appeal that even the last practiced eye will regard very highly, and Wendell August offers Christmas ornaments in a dazzling array of configurations and motifs. You’ll find a carefully crafted assortment of ornaments celebrating weddings and couples’ first Christmases in popular and classic designs like wedding cakes and baubles. You’ll find annual ornaments to celebrate yearly Christmases embossed with images like Father Christmas, The Nutcracker, Angels and more. Equally iconic images like Christmas trees, snowflakes and winter vedutas are available in varied configurations and meticulously crafted of pewter, copper and other semi-precious metals.

With Wendell August Forge, you have access to one of the last providers of truly personalized and handmade gifts on the market, purveyors of fine Christmas gifts that will last through the years and become the most venerated of Christmas heirlooms. For all these styles and yet more, visit You’ll find a refreshing reversion to the old practices of handmade style and quality.

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