Defferentiate Laravel V/S Spring MVC for Web Development

# Laravel Development Services :

Laravel is a PHP MVC framework, Spring is a popular and widely deployed open-source framework that helps developers build high-quality applications faster. Laravel can be used when small to medium size application to be built, You can use Spring to built large scale applications.

Some Usage of Laravel which are as follows :

1. Industry-wise usage :

Laravel is used by art, entertainment, transport, business, and approx 207 industries more, Spring is used by fashion & modeling, celebrities & entertainment news, newspapers and approx 7 other categories.

2. Geographic wise usage :

Laravel is leading and used in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia and 172 other countries where Spring is used in Romania, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and 7 other countries.

3. Community Support :

The Slant community recommends Laravel for most people. In the question“What are the best backend web frameworks?” Laravel is ranked 1st while Spring MVC is ranked 11th. The most important reason people chose Laravel is:

Laravel comes out of the box with its own CLI called Artisan. With Artisan developers can do several different tasks such as migrating databases, seeding databases, clearing the cache and much much more.

Spring Being the oldest and most used JVM web framework, means that Spring MVC has a massive community of followers who are very helpful and have provided numerous tutorials and answers on SO. Spring even holds an annual conference called SpringOne. The Spring forums and SO are great places to ask and get help about anything Spring related. The website blog and newsletter keep developers informed on every news related to the framework.

4. Easy of use :

Once you have your LEMP/LAMP stack ready you only need one command to start a new Laravel project. The process of creating a new app in Spring is much more complex.

5. UI Development :

Laravel use blade template engine for UI management, even you can use vuejs with laravel to manage UI component-wise and easily, Spring doesn’t provide any rich functionality for building good user interfaces.

6. Best For Rest API’s :

With migrations, powerful and intuitive Eloquent CRUD, resource routing, and simple JSON response out of the box, a complete backend can be written in hours using laravel.

7. ORM :

Laravel’s Eloquest ORM is a simple and fast Object-Relational Mapping which helps with organizing the application’s database.

Spring’s ORM compares to laravel is hard to understand.

8. Conclusion:

You can select any framework, both have their pros and cons, it depends on your requirement, timeline, and budget to decide which framework to use. If your application is medium/small size + Short term + Less budget, you can select Laravel. If your application has Large scale + Long term + enough Budget, you can select Spring for it.

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