Why Dehydrating Breathers Are Significant To Power Transformers Manufacturers?

Power transformers Manufacturers

It is the transformer’s insulation system that helps ensure power transformers manufacturers about unit operations at optimum level throughout the life. The main ingredient of the insulation system is the transformer insulating oil, which must be protected against impurities that have potency to degrade functioning quality of the transformer. The aging of transformer occurs due to three key impurities-

  • Heat
  • Oxygen
  • Moisture

Every free-breathing transformer designed without a conservator includes a head space above the oil level that is covered with a gaseous mixture. This head space is intended with a mission to allow for expansion and/or contraction of the oil volume that varies due to environmental heating and cooling and load.

When heating cycle takes place, transformer oil molecules expands and this initiates contraction in the headspace. Due to such contraction, transformer emits different volume of gas to the environment.

When cooling cycle takes place, transformer oil molecules contracts and this initiates expansion of the headspace. Such expansion make transformer to inhale the different volume of gas from the environment. This air transfer process is termed as “breathing”.

If manufacturers don’t arrange any treatment to breathing process, air transferred during the process may bring ambient level of moisture from the environment. And we all are aware of the destruction moisture can cause to the transformer oil. Moisture present in transformer oil directly affects its dielectric strength.

Manufacturing companies design and build their transformer units with conservators to make their units immune to moisture content. The transformer conservator includes a rubber bladder and as long as it remains intact, the moisture can’t thrive inside the transformer oil.

However, service aging over time can be reason behind degradation of bladder material, and so affecting bladder life. Moreover, experts find it hard to inspect the bladder without opening the conservator tank. When they do the inspection, a rupture can occur and go undetected.

Manufacturers use and add a silica gel breather to the air transfer path in order to prevent the oil coming in contact with moisture present in the air. As the breathing process takes place in the transformer, silica gel expels the moisture from the air and providing dry air to the unit. They generally source these silica gels from reliable suppliers since there are multiple types of silica gel breathers available.

The breather includes suitable silica gel that has a power to scrub of the moisture from the air when it enters through the breather. Manufacturers sometimes design few breathers for sealed tank transformers and breathe at preset level of pressure. Dehydrating range of breathers is filled with silicage 1 that is made to absorb 20% of its own weight in moisture. Oil trap is also provided to prevent regular contact between the moisture and silicage1.

Advantages of Dehydrating Breather

  1. Enhance reliability of the transformer
  2. Saves operation costs
  3. Handy installation
  4. Saves maintenance costs
  5. Solves moisture penetration issue
  6. Environment friendly

Dehydrating breather is a significant part of a transformer for power transformers manufacturers. Without this part, oil filled transformers cannot complete the operations for longer time.

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