Does Microblading Secure? Any Wrong Impacts?


Microblading has become a trend. Social made darker brows so famous that all women now want their eyebrows to look filled and darkened. Microblade is a fantastic idea if you don’t want to draw your brows every day. Many women have the same issue: they cannot grow their eyebrows due to over-plucking, whereas some never had such big and dark brows.

Microblade is a semi-permanent pigmentation on the skin. You may know it as cosmetic tattooing. Everything that looks pretty outside may have some drawbacks inside. Microblading your eyebrows is a good idea to have the perfect brow without any efforts, but it can sometimes go a bit out of track for some reason.

A familiar doubt that roams around in the head of women willing to microblade their eyebrows is whether microblading is safe or not. Well, the answer may not be the same for everyone. However, there’s one thing that it is a matter of pain, money and time. Most importantly, the first thing that can help you get a better experience is to find a trustworthy dermatologist.

Drawbacks Of Microblading Eyebrows

Needling your skin is painful no matter how good numbing cream does your dermatologists apply. There are states where anyone can help microblade on you, and they don’t require any license, which can be risky. Many women came out with their microblading before and after experiences that went wrong because of the poorly trained artist.

There are several artists ready to microblade you for various price rates. However, if you choose anyone because of the low budget, you might have to face several issues soon. Here are the risks of microblading before and after.

Our body tries to protect us from any harmful and foreign substances. Microblading means injecting a foreign substance into your skin. It enforces our body to protect us from the detrimental effects which causes inflammation around the area where you microblade. The significant problem with granulomas is that they may not arise initially. Sometimes it seems to occur after a year from the microblade. If you get this, you might have to take steroids and antibiotics to cure it.

When it comes to the issues women face after microblading, infection is one of them. It happens when the technician does not use clean types of equipment and water. Using dirty water or tools can cause various bacterial infections. It can spread deadly diseases like staph, HIV, herpes, hepatitis etc. Sometimes you can get an infection from sealed equipment, too, due to contamination of mould. In such cases, your dermatologist or technician might prescribe your antifungals.

I rare issue occurs for some women who get itchy rashes after microblading. It is because of the ink. It mostly happens when the technician has to use red colour on your skin. The technician has to mix red with black ink to get the eyebrows’ natural colour in most cases. They will prefer antihistamines for you to cure the rashes.


Microblade does not necessarily have to be a bad thing to do on your skin. All you need is to find a renowned and trustworthy technician to solve most of the problems.

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