How To Develop Dog Walking Mobile Apps: Feature & Cost

Dog Walking Mobile Apps is a strenuous task, especially if the pet owner is a full-time working person. In addition, dogs need special care, and it is thus very important for their well-being to have a walker for them. Dog Walking Mobile Apps from a mobile app development firm can ensure that a walker can be […]

Dog Walking Mobile Apps

Dog Walking Mobile Apps is a strenuous task, especially if the pet owner is a full-time working person.

In addition, dogs need special care, and it is thus very important for their well-being to have a walker for them.

Dog Walking Mobile Apps from a mobile app development firm can ensure that a walker can be found for the pets and make their lives and a pet owner’s life easier.

What is Dog Walking Mobile Apps

Dogs need to go out, remain engaged in an active world, and play. This cannot be easy for someone who works full time. Therefore, these animals need a way to get out of the house.

This can be achieved by a Link here Best dog-walking app development company. This allows the user to find a trained professional who would handle pets, take them out for a walk, feed them, play with them, and take care of them while busy.

A good app includes:

  • A tracker for the dog.
  • A chatting system for the user and a dog-walker.
  • A rating system.
  • An overall helpful place for people to make their life easier.

Dog-walking apps are designed on one side and are made to work for two different people.

Dog Walking Mobile Apps Features

Three different profiles should exist on a Dog-walking website. These are as follows.

#1. Dog-Owner Side

A dog owner must have a place to navigate the app easily. Some of the features there would include:

  • A place for the user to make a profile and register themselves on the app. By doing so, they can communicate the dog’s information and check potential dog-walkers, saving their finds for later.
  • A place to search for dog trainers and filter the ones accordingly. This can be designed according to the geographical area, reviews, special care for the dogs or the owner.
  • Tracking device for their dogs at all times, so that in case of any difficulty, they can trace down the dog as well as their walker.
  • There is no doubt that pet owners often treat their pets as children. Manya is also obsessed with their pets, and having a section just for their dog updates is important. This includes text, video, or photo updates.
  • An important part would be where customers could see the past bookings and the walkers they would save for later or want to re-hire.

#2. Dog-walker side

A dog-walking needs to have features to ensure that their life is made easier. Some of the features would include:

  • A profile. All dog-walkers should have a profile to list their credentials and what breeds they would prefer.
  • A calendar would be extremely helpful, especially to the dog-walkers who need to juggle different works over the week.
  • The option to accept a booking or even reject one. Dog-walkers must be able to make this choice since they are a good part of the app’s user base.
  • Much like the owner, they must have the option of sharing location with the owner and sharing every update the owner would require.
  • All the features to receive payment, how much the walkers would have earned and an option to transfer it to their bank account or other safe place is necessary.

#3. Admin side

It would be the admin handling all the work in the Dog-walking app. Thus, they should have the following features:

  • Payment management. Admin should easily handle the payment details between the dog owner and the dog walker.
  • They should have superficial importance at the very least of the profile from both sides.
  • The details of any bookings and activities taking place must be under the admin’s reach.

Some of the features that should co-exist for all people are the ability to chat and call in real-time, with admin allowing for assistance in dire circumstances.

How much does a Dog Walking Mobile Apps cost?

An app focused on dog walking needs to include all the features discussed above and even more. Based on it all, the average cost would come between $15,000-$35,000. Of course, an advanced app with added features would cost more, but a good basic app should work well within the budget.

How to Monetize Dog Walking Mobile Apps

It is possible to make money from an app dedicated solely to walking a dog. Some of the ideas could be:

#1. App Membership

App memberships would ensure special benefits, like a discount on each booking. The business can figure out finer details.

#2. Transaction Fees

Businesses would ensure that the app gets a cut for the payment every time a booking is made by including a transaction fee. This would ensure confidence in the app and a good earning source.

#3. Paid Advertisements

Ads are always a great source of revenue. However, companies can ensure a pay cut from the ads by joining hands with animal-related brands.

#4. Paid Promotions

Some dog walkers might want to get special promotions and may even be willing to do so. This is a good way to step up the monetization game for the app

Developing a Dog Walking Mobile Apps

It may seem daunting, but developing an app would not be very difficult. For a dog-walking app, a few things would help the business figure out the basics.

#1. Focus on the basic features

It is important to incorporate all the basic features of the app. By ensuring that the features are both user-friendly, you can develop a good app for the usage of the customer base.

Both pet owners and dog-walkers should be able to navigate your app easily.

#2. Check out the competitors

It is always a wise strategy to analyze your competitors and what they bring to the table. Nobody interested in your app is the same as everyone else with added cost.

It is thus a smart decision to look into where your competitors are lacking and work on that. Customer reviews are a great place for ideas. Make sure your app gets as many answers as possible, and there is always a spoke for better development and updates.

#3. Pay for good app development and design

Finding a good app developer will ensure that your work is made easier. If you get a demanding dog walking app development company, it will make your life easier.

By leaving the design and development on them, you will focus on the management and the strategy part of the app. Marketing and management are what truly throw off the app’s popularity.

Developing a Dog-Walking app is not extremely difficult- you need to make sure it supports both its customer bases. In all, the dog-walker app should help all who are using it, including the pets.

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