Dream Weddings In The Marriage Capital Of The World


Weddings are the most sought after occasions in anyone’s life. Many people have a lot of wishes and desires about their marriages and the functions along with it. Destination weddings are something that everyone wants and plan out on either a grand scale or a limited budget.

When talking about lavish destination weddings, the first location coming to anyone’s mind will be Las Vegas and Las Vegas weddings, known as the world’s wedding capital.

vegas weddings

  • Legal Marriages: 

A legal union of marriages within one year of receipt of a marriage license makes it easy and stress-free to get married in Las Vegas. A marriage license is a must to have a legally binding ceremony.

The marriage license bureau in Nevada is where you will get your marriage registered. There is only one marriage license office in Las Vegas that will get you your wedding licensed.

  • How Much Is Your Wedding Going To Cost You?

The answer depends entirely on your style of choice and where you want the wedding ceremony held. A private ceremony at a wedding chapel could cost you a little as about a hundred dollars. On the other hand, if you choose an exotic location for your entire family and friends in a luxury hotel or a lavish garden, it may cost you ten thousand dollars.

One Can Look Up Vegas Wedding Packages For All The Information That They Need:

  1. Some of the most romantic packages come with excellent themes like a timeless theme that includes signature Venetian white wedding gondolas or a side garden with pools. The packages include photo allowances, professional photography, and up to two hundred dollar allowances.
  2. The next theme that one can find is an inspiring theme that includes exclusive use of the Venezia chapel and the Venezia fountain terrace. Everything is exclusively available for the couple as per the bookings. Extraordinary violinists, photography, rehearsal, chapel ceremonies, and sound systems are all included in the theme you choose.
  3. Radiance theme includes a professional event planner and detailed ceremony accommodations, decoration, and exclusive celebration gifts. The ceremony seatings are of about forty-two guests that also get luxurious treatments. The overall expenditure, however, depends on the time and the amount of decorations that you choose.
  4. Destiny theme gives up to a three hundred dollar photo allowance and a private ride on the signature Venetian white wedding gondola during the stay. There is an officiant to perform your ceremony with up to thirty-minute rehearsal. One hour of professional photography is included with up to forty-two guests.


Therefore, if you choose to go to Vegas and have a grand marriage function, make sure you know all the packages available and the cost along with it. Every location has an exclusive allowance to offer you and professional photographers and an officiant who will help you conduct the marriage ceremony legally and adequately.

Hence, the perfect destination wedding location is undoubtedly Las Vegas, where you get all that you wish.

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