Duracable Has All The Drain Cleaning Supplies You Need

If you work in the drain care or plumbing industry, you know how much abuse drain cleaning equipment can take. These tools are crucial for maintaining pipes and lines, so you need to make sure your business has tools that you can rely on. At Duracable Manufacturing, we are dedicated to making the highest quality drain snakes, drain cleaning machines, and snake cable accessories on the market. Whether you need a 100 Foot Snake or just a new blade to fight a particularly tricky root, we have the supplies you.

Duracable is a drain cleaning supplies manufacturer based out of Iowa. All of our high-quality equipment is made right here in the US to our exacting standards. We offer a wide range of drain cleaning and plumbing supplies and can help your business find everything you need to succeed and grow.

The most important tool for drain cleaning is your snake. We offer our drain snakes in diameters ranging from ¼” to ¾” in lengths from 37 to 150 feet long. We also offer custom cable lengths upon request. We offer both hollow core cables and cables with a study nylon core for extra rigidity to push through obstructions.

Every one of our drain cleaning cables is spun from our proprietary hard drawn high tensile wire. Before this wire becomes a Duracable snake, we subject every coil to rigorous stress testing. If a batch of wire can’t cut it, we don’t use it to make our snakes. We are so confident in our drain snakes that we offer an unrivaled 30 day warranty against manufacturing and material defects on every snake we sell.

Unless you are only occasionally snaking drains with a hand-cranked drain auger, or if you’re just tired of having a sore wrist, your business needs a drain cleaning machine. We offer 9 different machine models so you can find the perfect drain cleaner machine for your business. If you mostly deal with smaller residential lines, our sink machines are the perfect combination of size and power. For businesses that deal with industrial drain lines and sewer mains, our sled and upright machines can easily power a 100 foot snake and cut through blockages and tree roots in no time. Every machine includes a 2 year warranty on the frame and the motor.

If the business ends of your cables need some extra clog busting power, check out our line of cable ends and cutting tools. We offer over 100 blade and grease cutter designs so you can easily find the perfect cable end for any job. All of our blades are made from durable high-end spring steel and arrive pre-sharpened and ready for use.

We also offer surveying equipment to make finding the cause of a clog much easier. As a certified retailer and repair center for RIDGID, we carry several utility line locators and camera surveying equipment options. If you can’t figure out what’s causing an issue, these little cameras can be a real lifesaver.

Next time your drain cleaning or plumbing business needs new supplies, visit Duracable to find everything you need. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our team can help you find exactly what you need. We know that your tools are your livelihood, and we strive to ensure that every piece of equipment we offer will still be working for you after years of cleaning drains. Don’t sacrifice quality when you are supplying your business, visit Duracable for great prices and fast shipping on all of the tools of your trade.

For more information about Drain Machine and 50 Ft Drain Snake Please visit : Duracable Manufacturing.

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