How EHR Integration is Significant for Patient Engagement

Healthcare facilities and organisations are ambitious for certain processes act in hospital management whether it is exchanging the threshold of Meaningful use (MU) or Electronic Health Report (EHR). EHR Integration is essential for the innovation in digital health system. Technology in health is reaching out in the turnover of $5.8 billion stating the potential of it. Here are some advantages of EHR along with some very crucial points which make this integration responsible for high patient engagement.

Advantages of EHR
There are lots of advantages of electronic health record in the healthcare facilities and it is very significant in proper management of clinical setting. EHR develops a system of electronic healthcare records clinic advantages.

  1. Sharing electronic information with other patients, medical facilities and medical institution in secure transition.
  2. Modified database of patients with up to date accurate information about patients till date.
  3. Increase in Patient Engagement when there are unique health records for patients making them participate in their own care. It eases up the coordination issues and makes medical management more communicative to the patient.
  4. Better decision-making: More information shared along to other prime members of management where it improves the chances of development in the care of patient.
  5. Privacy and security management for the data and records of patients.

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Significance of EHR in Medical Healthcare Facility:
Electronic Health Records (EHR) is simply digitalized versions of paper charts which belong to the patients. However, the Electronic health Records provides more than that in fully functioning manner. They are real-time and potential source for any update on the particular patient.

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It is more intuitive as it also engages the patients to participate in the record management programme as well as his/her care. It also let organisation take better decision about the care of patients as it is more insightful and elaborative as well. Electronic Health Record collaborates every single data about the patient and let it be at one place so it can be retrieved and transported to other institutions, labs and hospitals as well. 

Features that participate in patient engagement:
Another important feature of the Electronic Health Record that it can be re-managed, created and altered so there is customization option for it. It makes it more suitable to cater the patients also. They can engage themselves into EHR records and be part of their own care.

EHR makes patients understand about process, current status and other facts of their care:
EHR is the record management of data like the list of doctors treated the patient, past doctor records, medicines prescribed, all previous notes issued by doctors regarding the patient, diagnosis, tests and every piece of activity, paperwork and process under which patient has gone through. This gives them a real input and create a transparent relationship between healthcare management and the patients.

Further EHR Integration helps patients to have his own set of records and data to approach other clinics, specialists, medical facilities and other hospitals as well in case of further consultation, operation or any other case.

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