Emergency Crash Trolleys and Their Importance

Crash cart is a mobile unit on wheels that contains drawers, shelves and trays. It carries all the required drugs and other emergency equipments used in the hospitals. These carts are also used for transporting other medical equipment from one place to another.

There are some hospitals which keep a defibrillator and a monitor on top of the emergency / crash trolley as these devices are required for many codes. Besides this, crash trolleys have shelves ad trays along with drawers, helping to keep the requirements to attend an emergency well organized. Some of the important items you require for an emergency are listed below.

Tools for managing Airway

Many a times you have patients who have problems with their airway passage. At this time you require an artificial airway. You have a respiratory section in the trolley where you can find the mask required to deliver oxygen. These emergency trolleys are designed specifically so that the medical experts can get access to the commodity they need without any delay. Most of the masks which are required in an emergency are placed in an organized manner in the trolley. You need to ensure that this emergency / crash trolley has enough and more space to accommodate all the essentials.

Equipments for Monitoring:

You need to take the type of monitor used in your hospital before you decide to buy a specific crash trolley. The monitor which is placed on top of the crash trolley helps the doctors monitor whether the patient is able to respond to the treatment. This monitor helps in knowing the rhythm and rate of the patient’s heart.

IV Supplies:

An emergency trolley should also have enough space for all the IV supplies. IV’s are normally used in the initial stages of any treatment and having an easy access to the supplies is important in an emergency.

Other Medications:

Besides the above mentioned supplies it is important to have enough and more space in a trolley so that you can store different medications. You never know what type of an emergency you might be facing.

Preparation of an Emergency Trolley:

Once you have listed the essential medication and equipment for an emergency trolley it is important to make sure that this trolley is fully stocked all the times. Replenish what has been used, immediately. This ensures you are not left stranded at any time. Labeling each drawer works out well as this leads to less of confusion at the time of emergency. Make sure to inform the members of the staff what is in the cart and where is it placed.

Maintenance of Emergency Trolley:

As mentioned earlier, checking the trolley every day and replenishing the drugs immediately helps to stay prepared for emergencies throughout. Besides this, you also need to do a monthly check thoroughly. This involves checking out the expiry dates on the medication and replacing these with a fresh stock. You also need to ensure that the instruments placed in the trolley are well sterilized.

Choice of an Emergency Trolley:

There are multiple types of emergency / crash trolley available. You have different sizes with different features. To ensure you make the ideal choice it is important to list out your requirements. You should choose a trolley which has enough drawers to stock all the required essentials so that you are not stranded at the time of an emergency. A trolley with wheels is an obvious choice. This helps in convenient transportation without much effort.

Where to find Crash Trolleys:

An easy way to go about this is conducting an online search. There are multiple websites that deals in different kinds of emergency trolleys. All you need to do is to make sure that it is in accordance to your requirement and also fits your budget.

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