Enjoy Best Barcelona Views From The Bunkers of Carmel

Best Barcelona Views

Bunkers Barcelona viewpoint Is one of the tourist spots back people will enjoy the romantic sunset or even spend a day which will be very quiet, and it is 257 thigh, and it is called Bunkers del Carmel.

Necessary to visit the Barcelona view, you will get a 360-degree fantastic view with Sagrada familia, including the sea. It is one of the very interesting viewpoints, and it is situated in the cross-section of Barcelona, and you have multiple transport facilities to Barcelona.

It is one of the best and most popular tourist places in the world people can enjoy and relax, and they will be completely relaxed when they visit this place.

Best Barcelona Views From The Bunkers of Carmel

History Carmel bunkers

Carmel bunker is situated at the top of the hill, very high, about 262 meters from the neighborhood of Barcelona. Bunkers Barcelona was built in 1983 during the Spanish civil war.

These bunkers Barcelona which who mainly introduced to protect the Barcelona people from bombing attacks, and also it is used to store weapons, so during the time of civil war, these Barcelona bunkers were introduced.

This Barcelona viewpoint will give you a very nice image, and it will give you the image of the whole city which will be very wonderful when you view during night time and now this spot which is considered one of the best views. And it offers a 360-degree scene of Barcelona, which is the whole city.

View from the caramel

Many people visit caramel bunkers, and it is one of the most interesting landmarks in Barcelona. When you give to the city, the whole city will be under your feet, one of the awesome viewpoint locations where you will not enjoy this view anywhere.

Many of the tourist people during the sunset time and day completely relax with some good music’s. Most people visit during the weekend, and there will be overcrowding in taking pictures and selfies.

In recent years the government in Barcelona City made popular as a city of the museum, and the government attracted the tourist people to visit the Barcelona view. It is one of the best places where you can view the whole city very closer.

Peratallada in Girona, the village situated the terminal far from Girona City, has many types of scenery to watch.

Most of the tourist’s people are very much attracted to visit this area. People visit the area during summer, and they enjoy music festivals, and they feel very relax during the summer festival season.

Peratallada is a village in medieval streets and which is built with stone houses. The whole town is considered a historical-artistic building, and they are constructed with very fine medieval architecture. Peratallada is one of the most famous towns and one of the best tourist places.

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