Experts Using Fiberglass Resin to Repair Boat Defects

In early 1970s, boaters were only had one resin to fix boat damages, that is polyester resin. Today, manufacturers of FRP products in India have brought multiple choices of resins that have made the decision bit difficult for them. Visit the marine supply shop and you will get to know about distinct products including polyester, epoxy resins, and vinylester. How to find the suitable one for the boat repair? Let’s clear this confusion right now.

Polyester and vinylester
Polyester and vinylester are styrene-based resins that are catalyzed with methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, which activates hardening reaction. Vinyleseters are water absorption resistant as compared to polyesters and this property is the reason why they are used in hull blister repair. Both the resins are stronger and have great adhesive properties. You can use them for fiberglass pasting. Most boaters use these resins due to low cost.

Epoxy resins
Epoxy resins have different properties as compared to polyester and vinylester resins. You can recognize them in the way in which they are catalyzed. With epoxy resins, you always use a 2:1 ration of resin and hardener respectively. However, there are certain “speed” hardeners to make it cure faster or slower. You can use slow hardener when it’s hot outside. For colder temperature, you can use fast hardeners. Even if you want faster curing, fast hardener can be used.

Epoxy resins possess great resistance to moisture absorption abrasion resistance and gluing features. The only limitation of epoxy resin is its price. You have to pay three to four times more price for epoxy resin as compared to vinylester and polyester resin.

How to decide over the resin?
If you have to repair fiberglass, you must consider the adhesive qualities of the resin at first. And you will find that polyester and vinylester resins do great job for most DIY fiberglass boat repair jobs, like laminating fiberglass cloth into cracks or holes. You can use affordable polyester resin for general fiberglass repairs.

Epoxy resins work well on the boats made of polyester or vinylester. But both polyester and vinylester don’t adhere well to epoxy. If you think of applying gelcoat to complete the repair, make sure you apply on polyester. Applying gelcoat to epoxy won’t provide you long-term results.

For best suggestions and guide, you can talk to manufacturers of frp cable trays. If you have any question regarding epoxy or resins, drop your comments here.

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