Explore The Versatile Brass with Brass Parts Manufacturers India

Brass is the most versatile and cost effective metal. Also, it comes with the dual benefits of both copper and zinc being an alloy of these two. The amazing physical and chemical properties of being durable, strong and malleable makes it widely popular in a large number of areas from plumbing, electrical, battery terminals, consumer durable and lots more.

All you need to do is consult one of the leading manufacturers of brass parts India to ensure you receive quality tested material for your project which comply to IS standards. There is more you need to know about this versatile alloy before you incorporate it in your project.

Brass is generally preferred because of the amazing qualities it bags with the dual benefits of both copper and zinc, as mentioned below:

Strength and Durability
Brass has the power to withstand high temperatures and pressure. This property makes it widely used in water pipes and fittings and in other plumbing works in both commercial and domestic purposes. It has great conductivity to current. It is considered for marine electrical projects. Especially in hot water supplies, brass stands the temperature and high pressure of water flow which makes it widely considered for plumbing purposes.

Resistant to Corrosion& abrasion
Brass can withstand difficult weather conditions and is rust free, which ensures that the pipes don’t leak and cause hazards.

Brass can be molded to different shapes and sizes, like tiny nuts, bolts, pipe fittings, socket boxes etc.

Brass Parts
There are a variety of different brass parts available in the market suited to different purposes, as summarized below:

  • Brass Conduit Fittings
  • Panel Board Fittings
  • Brass Terminals
  • Switch and socket boxes,
  • Copper bronze bolted lugs,
  • Copper bonded earthing grounding rods

There are some brasses fittings used in mechanical works, for example, the fixed type brass adapters with 90 degree angles which are considered mainly because they are easy to fix, hook and install with other connectors which in turn depends on the current load the cable wire would be able to handle. The male and female flexible brass conduit fittings and the brass connectors are generally nickel plated and come in metric, PG or Imperial types.

The Brass Conduit Flexible Fittings with both Male and Female Bushes, Slotted Plugs 2 piece Nickel plated connectors are suitable for PVC or Steel conduits along with the brass or conduit adapters. The leading manufacturer of brass parts India will be able to guide you with the necessary requirements based on your project as well as suggest which particular brass part should you consider based on their physical and chemical properties, shape and other aspects.

Uses of Brass Parts
The industries which greatly use brass can be summarized as below:

  • Electrical items– Air conditioners, television and washing machines have brass parts in the interiors which enable high conductivity.
  • Medical Instruments – Mainly oxygen cylinders, its joints and fittings.
  • Musical Instruments – Interior of guitars, pianos, their fittings and screws etc.
  • Plumbing – Pipe fittings and joints, both above and under water due to anti-corrosive and high conductivity properties.
  • Consumer durable – Pens, lipstick cases and in other cosmetic and make up cases.

Consult the certified Brass Parts Manufacturer and dealer from India to receive the quality tested products for your project so that you deliver your best!

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