New Facebook Tools and APIs Available For Java Developers To Monetize Apps

Facebook Tools

Recently, Facebook brings new integrations, monitoring tools to assist java developers in building better applications and making more profits. Facebook is making important updates to its development platform by introducing new features and APIs for businesses. These APIs and features will help businesses in building, growing, and monetizing their corporate applications.

All the upgrades are explained in the annual Facebook F8 conference held in California, which was attended by over 2,600 developers.

Facebook F8 developer’s messenger, which has now gained over 900 million users, has introduced new APIs that lets developers build bots. These bots can be used for customer service, automated responses, or to order services and products.

Facebook reveals that 60 million messages a day are sent and received on Messenger and Whatsapp. Over 900 million people are using Facebook Messenger Service; this also includes 50 million businesses / companies. The app now includes numerous new functions and several expansions have been made to Messenger by the official developers.

The new account kit allows users to log in with their device using phone number or email address. This will attract people towards service as they won’t need to use a password.

Businesses and developers will be able to offer anything from customized communication to automated subscription content. The officials are also implementing a new suite of policies and controls to prevent unwanted messages and other potential spam messages.

Developers say that these features will let the users to mute or block communications that they don’t want to receive and include strict policies for businesses and developers in order to uphold.

New sharing options include hashtag and quote features, ability to share different kinds of content, redesigned embedded posts and sharing insights. These features help developers to see if they are aptly driving customer engagement through sharing technique.

The latest APIs will help companies to notice their content is reaching how many readers/ viewers. It also offer the ability to add share options to smart TVs, IoT units and other devices, and several other recommendations for promoters. Developers have also built API for the Facebook Live Video platform. This means you can now stream live on Facebook.

All major analytics tools are also in the queue of development. These tools will offer deeper insights to users.

Have something to say about recent changes or updates made by facebook? Share your thoughts please and let java developers know about your expectations.

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