Top 3 Fashionable Boots For Men


Men’s fashion has seen a big boom in the recent times with many male centric brands have entered the markets. The men today are no longer limited to the same routine set of clothes and accessories. Many alternatives for the conventional products are available in the present day markets. However, talking about men’s fashion cannot be complete without discussing about the boots. Boots have been the best friend to men’s feet since ages.

Modern day boots are improvised upon the old models to add spunk and appeal to the products. Men wear boots while going on adventure trips, social parties and casual wear as well. Some formal versions of the boots are also available.

Below illustrated are 3 boots which all men would love to have in their collections.

Guava Twin Strap Boots
Beautiful textured leather exterior and comfortable interior the boots are a marvellous sight to the eye and great comfort to wear. The twin holed buckles at the helm of the boots give a distinct identity to the boots. Presence of a side zipper allows easy wearing and removal of the boots. The boots are available only in tan brown colour.These boots can be worn for regular and party wear.

Where to find?
The boots are listed in the men’s boots section on for online shoppers. People who wish to see the product before buying can visit the Guava store found in prominent Shopping Malls in the country.
The boots are priced at INR. 5650.00/-

Steve Madden Harken Boots
The raw wrinkled leather and a mid-ankle design are the key highlights of these boots. The two toned stitching on the shoe also gives an aesthetic appeal. The feet of regular boot wearers may take a bit of time to adjust to the uncharacteristic flat and hard sole of the Harkens. The shoe is available in cherry brown colour only and is a great party wear material as the textured leather covering gives a nice base set up to the entire look.

Where to find?
The boots are sold online on websites like and As of now, the boots are not available at any retail store in the country.
The super cool boots are priced at INR. 8999.00/-

Diesel Men Boots
All men would love to have these amazing boots in their collections. A super high ankle height, jet black colour and a thick zipper are the peculiar highlights of these boots. Diesel is a big name in men fashion industry and these boots are just an illustration of the brand’s superior products for the men. The boots are authentic party and casual wear. No matter where these boots are born they are bound to grab many eyeballs.

Where to Find?
The boots are sold on online stores like , , and also across many retail stores in the country.
These boots are one of the most expensive in their class and are priced at INR. 17050.00/-

Note: Price are Selected from Minimum and Maximum Amount. Actual price may have difference compare to mention in this post.

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