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Vahan jewelry possesses a character that is instantly recognizable. It would be impossible to misidentify the singular and impossibly intricate designs in precious metals and stones that Vahan designs offer the discerning wearer. From beautifully sophisticated bracelets to rings that seem to have a life of their own in the complex arrangement and harmony of their shimmering elements, Vahan style is like no other.

But Alwand Vahan Jewelry is not only renowned for its unsurpassable visual stylistics. They are also known for their ergonomics, which many other premier designers sacrifice in favor of aesthetics. What’s great about Vahan, however, is the fact that they don’t sacrifice any attraction in their pursuit to create the ideal, comfortable bracelet. Their bracelets are flat inside so conform to the contours of the wrist as well as oval-shaped in section to fit better and more ergonomically. They are flexible, to move with the person wearing them and they also feature a clasp that is hidden from view. In so many ways and with their unparalleled style, Vahan designs has created jewelry that is not only beautiful beyond compare, but comfortable as well.

If you’re looking for Vahan Jewelry retailers, you can’t go wrong with Love My Swag. Love My Swag will bring you designs by Vahan that will amaze your senses and leave you desiring more. If you’re looking for bracelets, consider their Closed Circle Bracelet, with the shine of gold and sterling silver accented by diamonds and presenting beautifully intricate metalwork around the band. It’s ideal for stacking and using to accessorize other jewelry from Vahan. Similar but not the same, take a look at their Open Bracelet with Circle Opening, with much of the same appeal and gleam of the former but without a clasp. The precious metalworks glitter and move with the finest appeal, and can just as easily be used as the topping on another look.

Also in the Vahan collections, you will find other looks you can use to impress in their rings. Their Rectangular Diamond Ring brings an impossible amount of style and glitter into one small package. The juxtaposition of gold and sterling silver is jarring and stimulating, while the many inset diamonds give such life and motion to the light of the piece that it can only be called impressive.

If you’re looking for a more novel design in a ring, check out Vahan’s Gold Pave Ring. It features a knot of diamonds containing a collective of .179 Carats that somehow is reminiscent of the lines and shimmer of their bracelets. Vahan has created the same look in diamonds and silver knotwork which is a truly amazing feat. Speaking to that end, this ring is a dazzling accessory to many of their bracelets.

If you need more color in a ring, pick a ring such as their Turquoise Ring, with .21 Carats of diamonds in a square ring. The vibrancy of the ring soaks into the senses, and the turquoise is the perfect match for the resplendence of gold, silver, and diamonds. Where the metal and gems glitter, the Turquoise awes with the depth of its color.

Yet these are only a few of the options you will find when you’re shopping through the Vahan collections of Vahan Jewelry retailers like Love My Swag. There will always be something to impress you when you set your mind to finding some shimmering wonder from Alwand Vahan to dazzle the sense of your audience, and you’ll find these and other options at Take a look through their collections to find your next new piece – it’s already waiting for you at Love My Swag.

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