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Baseball involves a lot of quick movements from showing your range in the field on a ground ball or breaking out of the batter’s box trying to leg out an infield hit. It can be a constant intense motion and in order to perform at the highest level, you need to have the right footwear to make each step count.

This is especially true for kids in the game. Many kids start playing baseball and softball early in life and getting them on the right track by wearing the right footwear from the beginning can help them immensely. This establishes a foundation for stability and security in every step they take on the field.

One of the leading footwear brands is New Balance and it is a brand that stretches from youth players to Major League stars. You can find youth New Balance cleats at HB Sports, you one-stop-shop for all of your baseball and softball equipment this season. Today, we will explain more about why having the right cleats is so important.

Cleats are commonly made of mesh or synthetic leather materials, allowing for breathability on the field. As with any athletic activity, you want to be able to stay cool, so that quality is important to many players. The materials are also very durable, which is needed for the workload you will put cleats through on a regular basis. From running the bases to sliding to making plays in the field, your cleats will take a beating and you need something that will hold up over time. Some cleats are also made from synthetic materials that make them more water-resistant, which can be great for days when you may play a game in bad weather or poor field conditions.

Cleats also come in different styles and heights. There are two common heights for cleats: low or mid-high. Low tops are a more lightweight option that allows for better speed and agility but offers less ankle support. Mid-high tops offer much more stability and security. No matter what height you prefer, you want the cleats to fit well so that you have the most support to make quick cuts and move as quickly as you can.

For youth New Balance cleats, you likely won’t have the same choices in style that teenagers and adults have when it comes to cleats. Youth leagues don’t allow for metal cleats and commonly use molded cleats that feature rubber studs. Check with the league your child is in before making a purchase on any style of cleats.

When it comes time to purchase youth New Balance cleats, head over to HB Sports and find a great selection and the best prices on all of the baseball and softball needs you have for your child. With quality and dedicated customer service that gives you one-on-one attention and answers all of the questions you may have, you can get the equipment your child needs to succeed this season.

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