Five HIPAA Training Topics To Address with Physicians

HIPAA Training

HIPAA gives details that one needs to follow in IT compliance, but there are no proper details about the methods. This can lead to lots of confusion for the Physicians who want to train their employees properly.

While giving the Healthcare Provider HIPAA Training they might not know, which are the exact topics that they need to concentrate on. Here are the five topics which the trainer must concentrate during the training sessions with physicians.

Access to Electronic Health Records

There will be number of physicians who might access the electronic health records from home or any other remote location. Now this can be risky. Therefore, it is important that the physicians are told about how to handle and access this sensitive information. Also, it is important that they understand that as far as possible they must avoid remote access and if they do access the records from home then they must follow the guidelines. Authentication, automatic termination of session, firewall etc should also be used properly.

Security of Devices

If the physician loses any device like a laptop or mobile phone which has the protected health information of the patients then it is a breach of HIPAA rules. Therefore, the physician must make sure that all the devices are password protected and the device needs to be properly encrypted.

Proper way of Using EHR

One of the important things about Health care Provider HIPAA Training is accessing the records of only those patients, which the physician is treating. It is possible for the physician to access the information about other patients which he may not be treating. This is not correct and this must be controlled by controlling the access of the physicians.

Use of Text Messages and Emails

Text messages and emails are very easy way of communicating. But the physicians must avoid using these modes of communication for sending protected health information to patients or to their colleagues. They must keep in mind that there are chances that the information may get leaked and this is against the rules of HIPAA. Therefore, they must make use of safe ways of communicating. Even if they have to use the text message or email they have to make sure that they are taking proper measures of protection for that you can opt HIPAA Certification.

Use of Social Media

Most of the physicians are active on the social media. But they have to understand that they need to keep their social media messages private. They should not reveal any protected health information about the patient on social media. They should avoid discussing any case on the social media. Even while blogging they have to make sure that they follow strict guidelines and do not reveal sensitive details about patients.

These are some of the things that the physician must be serious about. He has to remember that he needs to follow these guidelines strictly if he does not want any sensitive information to get lost or revealed. He needs to follow these HIPAA guidelines strictly.

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