Fresh Fruity Carbonated Drinks to Keep You Cool

If you are having a stressful moment at work, study, gym or you are probably tired after a long walk, stop by and grab a bottle of cola or any fruit drink of your choice! Now you are ready for the challenge of not giving up once again! Perhaps the most well-known refreshing drink is carbonated drinks. Especially in summers, it is one of those basic necessities among shades, umbrellas and sunscreen! Every age groups from a kid to college going youth or middle aged corporates or old aged grandpas, are fond of these carbonated drinks. The leading and reputed manufacturers of carbonated drinks India have produced an array of beverages which include fruity drinks and other carbonated beverages like jeera drinks and refreshing soda.

The different flavours of carbonated drinks popular nowadays can be summarized as below:

Cola Drink – This is possibly the most relished carbonated drink of all times! With a snack, as a welcome drink, a refresher or often to satiate the thirst, the dark coloured fizzy cola drink is an absolute necessity!

Jeera masala soft drink –The jeera masala soft drink is refreshing enough and is compatible with snacks or just to refresh and revive your energy as well as taste buds. This adds to your digestion and metabolism along with greater health benefits of liver health and cancer prevention as well.

Refreshing soda – The leading manufacturers of carbonated drinks India have brought a refresher to us in the form of fizziest of soda packed in bottles which leaves you energetic from the very first sip! It sets you fresh and free like the morning on a solo trip or free you from digestion attacks on those festive days of heavy dining with rich and oily delectable!

Fruit flavoured drinks – A wide range of refreshing and reviving drinks from the table of premium manufacturers of carbonated drinks are as below:

  • Apple drinks – An apple a day keeps a doctor away – if you agree with this proverb, this is mandatory for you. It leaves you energetic, rejuvenated along with the beneficial properties of an apple like – a stronger heart, controlled cholesterol, it’s a great store house of Vitamin C, stronger bones, a better immunity and lots more.
  • Orange drinks – A rich power house of Vitamin C and an anti-oxidant, oranges help you keep hydrated, faster metabolism as well as controls cholesterol and pressure
  • Guava drinks – Consume the guava drink regularly for stronger and whiter teeth, improved digestion, better vision and is also known to be a stress controller!
  • Mango drinks– Mangoes are the most trending fruits in summer and hence the yellow fruit drink promises you superior taste packed with health quotients of better digestion, faster metabolism, better sight, prevention of cancer and lots more!
  • Mix fruit beverages – The fruit beverages have combined the fresh and juicy apples, peaches, guavas, passion fruit and pineapples for the best of taste to beat the stress and revive you from the hectic day with the first sip.

The manufacturing process of these carbonated drinks involves crushing and grinding the fruits and natural ingredients by extracting their juices and getting them processed with fizz and safe packaging with superior technology. Hence it is safe to consume these from the reputed manufacturers of carbonated drinks India!

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