Future of the Confectionery Industry

Throughout evolution, sweetness has played a vital role in human nutrition. Confectionery indicates sweet food items that have high calories and they are delicious in taste. Confectionery industry in any country can be categorized as sugar confectioneries, gums, and chocolates.

India is a country with a collection of a wide range of different cultures and many festivals and occasions are being celebrated in different parts of the nation and confectioneries play a major role in those special occasions. Therefore, the confectionery industry in the country has got a huge potential and this sector has grown recently in India.

The confectionery market by the Confectionery Manufacturers India include chocolates, sugar boiled confectionery, toffees, and candies. Sugar and sweeteners are the primary ingredients in confectionary. There are so many types of sweeteners like corn syrup, glucose syrup sucrose are used in making toffees and chocolates.

There are two broad categories of confectionery which are mentioned below:
Baker’s confections: These confections have another name also i.e. flour confections. In these confections, flour is the main ingredient. These confections include pastries, cakes and the goods which are sweet baked. They are that food that is served for the dessert course.

Sugar confections: These confections include candies, chocolates, candied nuts, bubble gum, and others, which are made up of sugar. These foods are served as snacks. It also contains ice cream.

What’s driving the growth of India’s chocolate market?
The sweet and confectionery industry in India has grown suddenly in the last few years. This industry is the manufacturer of a variety of sweets products, snacks, and many more items. The demand for chocolates is so huge, especially on festive seasons in India. In Indian culture, sweet plays a very important role. Sweets are the symbol of happiness. In earlier days, people used to share sweets with each other on the special occasions, but now chocolates and other confectionery are first choices among youths.

Health benefits and convenience are also the key reasons behind the growth of India’s chocolate confectionery market in both volume and value. The total contribution of the sugar boiled confectionery market in the organized sector is around Rs 20 billion. In the unorganized sector, this data is more shocking, including all types of confectionery, it is around RS 50 billion. Increasing demand in the unorganized sector and some health benefits of chocolates is making the demand for confectionery.

Future of the Confectionery market in India
While the global chocolate confectionery market is showing slow growth, new research from global market intelligence agency reveals that India is beating the odds. According to our new research report “Indian Confectionery Market Analysis,” the Indian confectionery market is going through some rapid change.

Last year sales of chocolate confectionery in retail markets grew by 13%. In fact, India is now one of the world’s fastest growing chocolate confectionery markets and one of the leading Confectionery Manufacturers India. When it comes to chocolate confectionery consumption market, it seems India is a nation of chocolate lovers. More than 228 thousand tons chocolates were consumed by Indians in the year 2016. It shows the confectionery love for Indians.

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