Get a Goodman 5 Ton AC from Budget Air Supply

Keeping a comfortable living space in the sweltering heat of summer can be costly and chew up time. That is why it is so important to choose a quality air conditioner that will be sure to keep the temperature at bay and operate reliably and conveniently, season after season. Quality components, rugged and reliable design, and failsafe engineering make Goodman a top-tier choice for an AC unit to keep a home or business comfortable that has been trusted, tried, and true for years. Budget Air Supply is ready with a host of options for you to outfit yourself with a Goodman 5 Ton Ac unit, depending on the design and needs of your living space. Available in several seasonal energy efficiency ratios, and many warrantied for up to ten years against defect, Goodman’s air conditioning units are designed to deliver season after grueling season to keep you comfortable when it counts. What’s best of all is that when you go with Budget Air Supply to outfit you with your HVAC needs, you will be getting unparalleled industry expertise, dependable customer service, and record-setting shipping speeds on top of already unbelievable prices.

Ruggedness and Reliability
Goodman 5 ton AC units are designed to be sturdy and reliable and are available in several different configurations depending on your needs. With a 13 SEER is Goodman’s 5 ton GSX130601, utilizing R-410A refrigerant to minimize impact to the environment, a factory installed filter dryer and an efficient scroll compressor. It also features Goodman’s proprietary sound control top to diminish the noise presented by most air conditioning units. It comes housed in a heavy galvanized cabinet that is powder coated to withstand salt damage and ultraviolet decay. With a louver coil guard to help forestall untimely damage to the compressor coils and rated to resist hurricanes once installed, according to code, this unit will withstand the toughest summers.

In a 14 SEER and offering a different footprint is 5 ton GPC1460H41. It offers an energy efficient compressor and internal relief valve, features quiet discharge and gives 57,500 BTUs of cooling capacity. Also enclosed in a durable heavy gauge cabinet and powder coated to the same specifications aforementioned, this unit will deliver reliably cool results for years. With a 16 SEER rating and capable of 60,000 BTUs of cooling capacity, Goodman offers its 410A condenser. Also with an energy efficient compressor and with an integral filter dryer, and housed in components of the same rugged make, this unit is similarly poised to defeat salt and UV damage and stand up to the toughest weather. The icing on the cake is that each of these units comes with free shipping from Budget Air Supply.

Excellent Prices and Service, Fast Shipping
When you go with Budget Air Supply for your HVAC needs, you will be getting the careful attention to customer service on top of unbeatable prices and fast shipping. In an industry where shoddy reliability and price gouging were popular, Budget Air Supply was created to be a beacon of customer service, responsibility, and honest pricing. An added bonus of partnering with Budget Air Supply is the benefit of their in-house warehousing. Because Budget Air Supply has its own assets in warehouses, it can realize savings from the economies of in-house storage and logistics. Those savings fall right in the lap of their customers and couple with a shipping speed that makes them an outlier in the industry. Moreover, paired with their impossibly fast shipping is the fact that many units ship free to their customers. Fast and free shipping – it’s a reality with Budget Air Supply. Call 855.473.6484 or go to to see the difference.

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