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During 90’s, soft drinks manufacturers were making only two types of products – fizzy drink and squash. Squashes were available in different flavors like lemon, orange, and mango, while fizzy had coke and orange soda drink.

With the passing time, things changed and today, the manufacturers have whole new categories of soft drinks for their customers. Energy drinks, bottled water, juice drinks, diet drinks, ice teas, and the list goes on.

Due to vast variety of soft drinks, manufacturing companies now face issues in getting mass attention and selling products. Here, leading suppliers of soft drinks bring the best pro tips to make your products stand out in the crows and do more sales.

Never Forget The Rule Number One – Consumer is the Ruler

The initial step of marketing is to consider the needs and requirements of the customer. Today, nobody drinks the soft drink to quench their thirst. People bring these products to their home not because they can afford them; it’s not about price any more. It is rather about defining who they are.

Next Big Thing That Matters is A Story

When people notice any product with latest offerings, the first thing they require is a reference. Who made this product? What it does? Is the manufacturer trustable? How will it affect my health? Will it make me fat?

These are the rare questions ever asked by any person during shopping.

What grabs their attention in the first place?

As per the science, people get attracted to objects and communication when they can relate.

So, for establishing a relation, brands work on their packaging.  Packaging looks, content, and labels decide the destiny of the product.

Soft drink industry is very responsive to psychology changes of the customer. In simple words, the consumption pattern of the soft drink is decided by the customer psychology.

Manufacturers produce these products under beverages category. There are no expensive ingredients used to prepare soft drinks. Still, many companies fail to achieve their annual targets of sale. It happens because they miss out some crucial points, such as –

Brand image development

Image building is an important part to help the brand stand out in the stiff market. When a consumer contacts a retailer to buy a soft drink and cannot decide which brand to choose, the moderately rated brand will be picked up by the seller among top selling ones. So, how to work on brand image? You can develop your brand image by –

  • Sponsoring events
  • Social cause-related ads
  • Ads
  • Planning of brand personality

Availability of the product

How will the retailers will sell your soft drink if you are not ready with your stock? Product availability is must for improving sales. If your product is popular but people often complain about its shortage, your sales chart will slope down.

To prevent this fall, you need to ensure that supply chain is efficiently working and your product is reaching and hitting every retailer of your choice.

Product visibility

The key factor that is influencing the sales is the tactics used for product display. The sales of the soft drinks can rise when they are correctly placed in the supermarkets or retailer’s outlet. For instance, if the product is visible and displayed near the entrance, it will surely get maximum attention of the customers.

Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is used to attract buyers. There are proper tools of visual merchandising to enhance sales –

  • Banners
  • Signboards
  • Sounds
  • Planograms

Contact Direct Customers

Major soft drink manufacturers have direct clients like outlets, service stations, cinemas, clubs, supermarkets, and many more retailers. In this segment, promotional services, superior delivery, and sales support are the key focused points to generate maximum profits for retailers.

In simple terms, when you create a deeper consumer desire for your brand in better way, you give people genuine reasons to buy your brand and not the competing ones. It seems to be easy but it is not.

You have to understand that already 5.6 billion people are the loyal customers of leading cola brand. What makes them to buy that brand? Have you ever thought? There are certain strengths that support leading brands –

  • Trademark
  • Marketing and consumer understanding
  • Action oriented

Here we got some useful tips to enhance your sales with your existing clientele-

  • Bundle products – You can bundle some of your products and sell it at a special price to influence existing customer so that he can give you repeat order.
  • Offer inside information – If you run a website with online shopping cart, and if you monitor it well, you can send email reminder to customers who added some of the products to their cart but didn’t complete the payment process.
  • Give rewards to customers – You have customer details that he enters during signup with your website. You can email discount coupons to your frequent customers as a reward to boost sale.

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