Get Your Personalized Steelers Ornaments at Wendell August

As we all know, the Steelers are a powerhouse team. Since their founding way back in 1933 as the Pittsburgh Pirates (sound familiar?) the Steelers—the name was changed in 1940—have made a name for themselves as one of the most successful NFL franchises in history, amassing six Super Bowl rings, eight AFC championships, sixteen conference championship appearances, and eight Super Bowl appearances. From Chuck Noll to Bill Cowher to Mike Tomlin, the Steelers are one NFL team that has never taken leave of excellence, the only NFL team to remain without a season of twelve or more losses since the league expanded to its current schedule over fifty years ago.

Black and gold are the Steelers colors, and we at Wendell August Forge have the personalized Steelers ornaments that will match that black and gold with red and green. Being that many of us are Steelers fans ourselves (working in steel, living around Pittsburgh), we strive to impart into our ornaments the same values that we see reflected in our team—a commitment to excellence, durability, and honor. All of our ornaments are handmade in our forge outside of Pittsburgh and each is invested with time-honored American values. Give a loved one or friend one of our personalized Steelers ornaments, and engrave something special on the back that shows how much they mean to you.

Wendell August has five Christmas ornaments for you to choose from. The first is a simple medallion of beaten bronze or aluminum into which the Steelers’ logo has been painstakingly hand-etched to provide the ornament with a finish that will last a lifetime. The back of the medallion is left blank, a perfect surface on which to leave a message full of Christmas cheer. This ornament is completed with a black ribbon upon which the Steelers logo is inked in yellow.

Then, for something a little swankier, there’s a Pittsburgh Steelers medallion in which black and yellow Swarovski crystals have been embedded. This ornament takes the classic medallion shape, with a hand-etched Steelers logo, and appends a smaller bit of metal to the bottom of it, into which are etched the words: Super Bowl Champions IX X XIII XIV XL XLIII. The back of the medallion is taken up with an NFL licensing stamp, a stamp from Wendell August Forge, and the ornament’s make-number out of a batch of 5,000. This ornament also comes in its own box with a black velvet interior.

Our next ornament is a glass football with a ring attached to its middle into which you can hook a bit of wire and hang from your Christmas tree. This football ornament has the Steelers logo drawn upon its middle as well. Another glass ornament we provide is a Steelers helmet, a black, white, and yellow facsimile of the classic football helmet.

Our final ornament is a stacked wood ornament of Heinz Field, the Steelers’ home since 2001, which was named after the H. J. Heinz condiment company, also headquartered in Pittsburgh.

At Wendell August we believe Christmas is a special time of year for friends and family. Shop our personalized Steelers ornaments today and let those close to you know how special they are.

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