Green Tea Moisturizers Are Becoming New Sensation In 2018

You must be aware of the benefits of green tea- thanks to commercials we watch on television. There is no surprise if any skin moisturizer manufacturer in your local is making green tea moisturizer range! While many doctors are talking about health benefits of green tea, cosmetic industry is taking green tea seriously for skin treatment. Green tea moisturizer has numerous ingredients that help rejuvenate skin. Be sober! Not all cosmetic ranges are effective on all skin types. There are chances that green tea moisturizer may not suit your skin type.

What makes green tea moisturizer so effective in general?

The antioxidants found in green tea are helpful in combating free radicals and preventing skin damage. If left untreated, free radicals can destroy skin cells by causing an imbalance between electrons and protons present in the cell molecules. This results in elastin and collagen loss and due to this you start noticing premature aging issues. Green tea moisturizer has power to make your skin feel tighter, firmer due to the antioxidants.

Skin benefits of green tea moisturizer-

  • It treats skin problems like rosacea or rashes caused by acne
  • You can get rid of acne scars using green tea moisturizer
  • It reduces redness
  • It helps make skin smoother
  • It soothes sunburns and prickly heat
  • It is non-greasy, your skin doesn’t look oily
  • It is light, so there is no pore clogging happening
  • It protects your skin from sunlight

Risk involved using green tea moisturizer- though the product is natural, yet you cannot be sure if it suits your skin or not. Green tea might not suit everyone and if you are one of them, your skin condition may get worse after using green tea moisturizer.

It is always suggested by the dermatologists to try a patch test before buying any product for your skin. If you feel any sort of reaction like rashes or irritation, don’t buy it!

Green tea moisturizer deeply penetrates your skin quickly and hydrates the cells without making the surface greasy. The polyphenols found in green tea make the product anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. This is why green tea moisturizers are helpful treatment for acne and scars.

You can even prepare your own moisturizing lotion with green tea at home. How?

You just need 1 cup of coconut oil and 2 tablespoons of loose green tea.

Take help of your double boiler to melt coconut oil on medium flame. Stir in the green tea and cover it. Simmer the oil on lowest flame for an hour. Strain tea from oil using cheesecloth. Let it cool. Once it is solid, whip until creamy.

Try this recipe and do share your response with skin moisturizer manufacturer via comments.

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