Growth Strategies in Business: The 4 Stages of Small Business Growth

growth strategies in business

Today there are many small companies arising, this is because putting up a business is cheaper, let’s rephrase that, way way cheaper. How cheap? Really cheap. For example is a drop shipping business, you don’t need to buy stuff, all you need to do is become a middleman, no warehouse and no actual items for inventory, all virtual and highly profitable.

Let’s even go to the promotions and ads. Because it’s way cheaper if not free. You can create a free Instagram and a Facebook page, even for good measure a twitter, Google+, Linkedin but not Tinder. You can post free and pay for very cheap ads using Facebook ads, insta ads, in YouTube and in any other sites. Ads thru these platforms are way cheaper than the postings in TVs, Radios and magazines.

It’s not about who has the most money but who are the most creative and resourceful

So as you can see if you are just creative and resourceful enough even if you only have a small cash with you, you can start a business. You can even start now! In the City of New York, it’s nothing short of small businesses found in every nook and cranny of this city. Any place can be a potential for success here because there are just so many people in this City totaling to at least 8,000,000 and even if you hide your business people will still find it.

The partnering of one small business to the other

partnerships from one small business to the other or making it grow and form other business like a water refilling station adding a laundromat beside it so that excess water from the water refilling can be used and not wasted ( pretty good idea actually). Because of such movement you need to make something about this partnership for growth like forming an LLC.

In New York where business opportunities soar but heartless in most cases

you need to turn it around and use the law to protect your interest. Because not every business can succeed and not every decision can amount to positive results. During the planning, the execution, the release, companies shell out money for it even if it’s a project or a grand scheme, an acquisition, in general, all companies need money. They get it from their savings or they borrow from banks and other institutions that they can get it from.

Big companies most of the time can bounce back even how big their fall is

but with small companies that are gambling on their product, a loss is not acceptable. They need to be protected. One good example for this is small time magazines. These magazines live through issue per issue and if their newest one flops it’s the end.

These small companies rely on the new issue of their magazines’ profit to recoup what they had spent, pay their debts, pay their people and some extra for their pockets. If they fail they got a lot to cover and if they aren’t protected and the company assets are not enough to cover everything they will also lose their personal properties.

Growing Need for Small Companies To form an LLC

Not all can take a hit like this, especially small business. That is why there is an LLC to protect their interest and the founders of the company and their personal possessions. This is very important because even if you lose the company it’s not the end and you will still be able to come up with a new one.

But if you lose everything without being an LLC you will need a good amount of luck to recover from that oss. In New York this happens too often that is why it’s important to form an LLC.

When it comes to a New York LLC formation you need a good partner if you want to pull it off without losing your mind and Windsor Corporate Services can certainly help you with that. Hit em up and experience how easy it is especially if you got help from the best.

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