GRP Cable Trays: One Stop Solution To Cable Trays

GRP cable trays are great support to power cables and control cables. These can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, are made from polyester resin or vinelester resins.

Why go for GRP cable trays?
These cable trays are considered better than G.I and M.S trays. What makes GRP cable trays better than the others?

Corrosion Resistance
Made from high quality materials GRP cable trays are resistant to moisture and neutral to harsh chemicals and acids. So these trays have a prolonged life, even when used under aggressive working environments.

High Strength
GRP cable trays come with rungs which are epoxy bonded and fastened; this configuration provides strength against point, side and also helps in load balances.

Light Weight
These cable trays are designed to be light and strong. You can easily shift these trays from one place to the other. These can be installed by laborers following the given manual instructions without the assistance of any skilled labor or engineer.

G.I/ M.S cable trays spread heat easily and hence lead to power interruptions and fire breakouts. Products which catch fire easily should always be avoided; GRP cable trays have very low thermal conductivity and hence are fire retardant.It also means there is no need for earthing of these equipment.

GRP cable trays are some of most environment friendly products in use. These are halogen free and hence good to the health of the users.

Impact Resistant
GRP cable trays can withstand pressure. These can return to original position without any permanent deflection or distortion after the load is removed.

UV Resistance
This is one of the striking features about GRP cable trays. These come with a rich resin surface and thus are completely protected from the harsh ultraviolet rays. These covers also protect the trays from the chemicals and hence are suitable to be used in an aggressive working environment.

What are the types available?
GRP cable trays are of various shapes, sizes and dimensions. Some of the most popular GRP cable tray types are

  1. Ladder Type

This cable tray comes with longitudinal sections which form a C shape. This shape helps the trays to bear loads of different capacities. These GRP cable trays can support a span of 3000 mm. These can bear a point load as large as 70 kgs.

  1. Perforated Type

This cable tray is designed with sections and has a solid bottom. Holes are drilled in the solid bottom for desired results. Some perforated cable trays are available with galvanized coatings, which provide a perfect finish and flawless service.

  1. Trough Type

These cable trays come with ventilated or solid bottoms; these have longitudinal side members. Trough type cable trays are used to carry instruments, computers, fiber optic cables and many more.

  1. Channel Type

These cable types are also available in solid and ventilated forms and can be used for small, indoor applications, like separating smaller and bigger cable runs.

  1. Husky Type


These GRP cable trays are a single piece and designed to be used with single power cable or multiple control or single circuit cables. Besides these you can also get GRP cable trays uniquely made to suit your requirements. While some can be mounted on floor, others can be mounted on ceilings and walls.

Where to use?
GRP cable trays have all the characteristics required to be a part of the different types of industries. Some of the applications of GRP trays are:

  • Oil drilling
  • Paper industry
  • Fertilizer plants
  • Marine industry
  • Metallurgical plants
  • Food and drugs industry
  • Effluent treatment plants
  • Nuclear and power plants
  • Chemical plants and refineries

GRP cable trays are of unparalleled quality and economical due to low maintenance and long service life. Get GRP cable trays from top manufacturers to get the best product at the best price, with effective and timely delivery.

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