Complete Guide to Natural Eyebrow Shapes in Microblading

The microblading is a trend that is the favourite of celebrities. The technique is similar to that implemented in tattoos but for cosmetic purposes. It is made with a personalized design for each person.

With the help of the Tebori, a Japanese instrument, a natural pigment is deposited hair by hair on the epidermis, achieving a 3D effect. But a special microblading aftercare is required after the microblading process.

What is Microblading?

This technique is the latest in semi-permanent makeup, a new beauty treatment that allows you to show off perfect eyebrows in just 1 hour. Microblading simulates real hair, both its thickness and its shape and color so that each hair is ‘drawn’ one by one to give a natural effect.

During the Microblading Process, a pencil and a special needle called Tebori are used. These instruments deposit the pigment on the dermis – it does not spread it like micro-pigmentation -, thus filling in the eyebrows. Like micro pigmentation, the professional must be very detailed to deliver a meticulous and natural result.

Microblading vs. Micro-pigmentation

These two techniques have the same purpose: to improve the eyebrows’ appearance, but what makes them different are the instruments used.

The micropigmentación is performed with a needle tip and used needles three or five points to give density or shading. This machinery is very similar to the one used to make tattoos; that is, it is a machine that works with electricity.


Additional facts about Microblading AfterCare

  • It is a painless technique for the client. Before starting, an anesthetic cream and an anesthetic gel are applied to the area; this avoids any discomfort or pain during the process.
  • The lines are very sharp, and there are no spills.
  • Inorganic mineral-based pigments can be used to reduce the possibility of allergies. (Always do an allergy test 24 to 48 hours before treatment.)
  • It lasts from one to two years as long as semester touch-ups are made.
  • The final result can be seen from day 25.

Benefits of Microblading

  • Ideal for everyone regardless of gender, color, race, skin, etc.
  • Solution for people who suffer from alopecia or any condition that causes hair loss.
  • It requires little maintenance allowing daily activities such as running, rubbing, and swimming, among others.

Tips for professionals Microblading

  • More and more professionals are entering this field of work, as they are trained as the beauty market evolves.
  • As there are so many trained professionals, the greater the competition. However, the ample supply is offset by the progressive increase in demand in recent months.
  • Even though on the Internet you can find thousands of videos that teach this technique, it is necessary -for your reputation and the health of your clients- that you have a professional certificate, as well as experienced in the application of the procedure (which is usually earned during the course).
  • Likewise, be very neat in cleaning and sterilizing the instruments; never forget the use of gloves!

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