Guide to Submersible Flat Cables

Generally water and electricity don’t go together. However as we have grown scientifically and technologically, our needs have increased too. With growing advancement in the electrical industry, we have been introduced to the Submersible Flat Cables. These are designed with a high level of insulation coating which makes them suitable for use under water or in any project which involves water flow.

The insulation is generally of a thick rubber coating which protects the cables from oil, grease or any other compounds which poses a threat to the functioning of the cable under water as well as enables the cables carrying high temperatures and voltages of electric current. So, if you are looking for these type of Cables, make sure you contact one of the leading Submersible Flat Cable manufacturers who can guide you on the type, size and other features best suited for your project. Also, check for the below properties which should be present in the Submersible Flat Cables which you are going to finalise.

Features and Properties

First of all, these Submersible Flat Cables have a high level of conductivity with aluminium or copper coatings and insulated by polyvinyl chloride which make them non-toxic in nature. Their beneficial features can be summarized as below:

  • Their physical and chemical composition is such that they are capable of functioning under water and moist conditions while electric current passes through them. Also, these cables are so built that oil, grease and other liquid particles are not able to damage the cables outer or inner surface in any way.
  • These submersible flat cables are available in both Single and Multiple conductors.
  • They are available in different shapes and sizes as per the requirement.
  • These are generally considered for control wires and power conductors for the motor of the running water pump.
  • The biggest advantage is that the different conductors are differentiate based on different colours so that they can be identified easily, while the common ones are Rubber core cables and PVC Core cables among the rest.


These are specifically designed with a thick insulation coating for usage in water and moist conditions like in water pumps in both domestic and commercial purposes, water tanks, irrigation purposes, underground mining and drilling works on surface as well as under water drilling of oils.


Always consult and seek guidance from a leading submersible cable manufacturer to decide upon the type of cable based on your project requirement. The commonly used submersible flat type cables are as below:

  • Three Core Flat Submersible Cables These are stronger than the other types as they are made from electrolytic copper and its conductors are insulated with a high grade PVC which makes the outer cover abrasion resistant.
  • Flat Submersible CablesMost common ones used in winding of pump motors under water.
  • Pump Submersible CablesThese can be submersed deep under water with sizes from 1.5 – 50 square mm. They can withstand moisture, abrasion, grease, oil and has long shelf life. These are used in deep wells, Automobile industries, Shipbuilding, Transport, Steel Plants, Railways, Refineries, Oil fields, Automatic Welding Robots, Construction and Coal Mines.

So contact one of the certified and leading Submersible Flat Cable manufacturer to ensure that you receive quality tested cables only, as a single carelessness may lead to great havoc!

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