Hair Transplant Restores Hair And Good Looks

No matter how much you deny it, you care about how you look. Everyone else has those same feelings. They want to look nice. Not one person gets up, glances at themselves in the mirror, and thinks “I don’t care how I look today.” Seager Medical Group understands that, and the experts employed there realize that hair loss can put a major toll on how your self-esteem. You want to look as good as possible, and it’s hard to when you are losing the hair on your head. Thankfully, a hair transplant can help.

What’s A Hair Transplant?
A hair transplant is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a procedure that involves removing the hair from one part of your scalp and surgically transplanting it onto another. There are two types of hair transplants. One consists of removing a small strip of your scalp, from a place on your head that has a lot of hair. This area is shaved down to make the procedure easier, although it’s easy to hide it under the rest of your hair. This strip of scalp is then dissected into small sections, breaking up the follicles. Each small section is then surgically adhered to a part of your head that is going bald.

The other type of hair transplant consists of removing individual follicles so that you’re left with tiny, pin-sized holes in your scalp where those follicles used to be. Again, they are hidden by the rest of your hair. Those individual follicles are then transplanted onto the thinning parts of your scalp.

No matter which type you choose, as your head heals, those transplanted follicles will begin to grow hair. You’ll have natural looking hair that blends in with the rest on your scalp. And of course, it looks natural – it’s your hair!

How Do I Know If It Will Work?
The best answer to this question is that you’ll need to ask your surgeon. The experts at Seager Medical Group will explain that the type of baldness that you have (the “pattern” if you will) matters, and so does the amount of hair left on your head. If you catch your hair loss early on and have a transplant done, then the results will be much more positive. And yes, before you ask, both men and women can get a hair transplant. It isn’t just for men!

What Does This Have to Do With My Looks?
Let’s put it this way – if you feel good about your hair and are happy with your hair transplant surgery results, then you’ll think that you look good as well. It all comes down to that. So much of everyone’s self-esteem is tied to their hair. If yours is falling out, then you might hide it will ball caps, hairpieces, and wigs in order to feel better about yourself. Or you could just get a hair transplant. The results will look natural and your self-esteem will improve. That’s a good thing, right?

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