Buying A Hall Table: 5 Excellent Ideas That May Prove Useful

hall table design ideas

If you want to spruce up a boring hallway with a stylish and functional piece of furniture, consider adding a simple hall table. Also, called a console table, there are several types and styles to choose from. Here are five big tips to keep in mind when shopping for furniture online like the hall tables.

Think about what the table will be used for. Many people use a hallway table for more than just looks. They can be used to hold things such as keys, wallets, gloves, purses, watches, etc. This is especially true if they are placed near a doorway people use to go in and out of the house. You may want to buy a table with a drawer or other cubbies to hold items.

Also, consider the tabletop space you will need if you plan to place items on the table. If shopping online, choose a website that has plenty of detailed images, descriptions and dimension information.

The material in the hall table is made of will be determined by your taste and budget. Wood is probably the most popular material and can last a long time. Popular hardwoods are oak, beech, and maple. Softwoods can be pine and cedar. Darker wood finishes are popular, but the look can be determined by other furniture in your home. Metal can be a more modern look and can last a long time.

Consider a metal table with a glass tabletop. This probably isn’t the best option if you have kids running around the house. Stone is another classy option, though it is unlikely to have drawers. If you want to be unique, look for hallway tables that combine these materials.

Consider a transitional style that combines traditional and contemporary elements. Identify this style with classical lines, rounded corners and medium to dark wood finish. These tables are not high on decoration but have a more relaxed appearance.

If you are shopping for a modern-style hall table online, expect to find more intricate shapes. Geometric or asymmetrical designs are common, but offer uniqueness and more decorative details. The surfaces on this style of the table are usually smooth and polished. Glass is a popular material. This style is a less homey/warm look, but is generally more stylish.

If you want to project a country style, these tables usually have a lighter wood finish. These can include more cabinet features and drawers. So, they are usually more functional than other styles. Expect to find scalloped edges, turned legs and wainscoting, which is a unique panelling.

If you are more eclectic, you can find this style when shopping for hall tables online. This style usually incorporates a few styles into one. It may, mix historical trends with contemporary designs. It can have a layered look.

No matter what tables fit your hallway or your tastes, buy furniture online using a reputable website that offers plenty of variety and the ability to customise your searches. Browse images and carefully read product descriptions and dimensions.

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