Harry Kane questions ‘mentality’ of England fans ahead of 2018 World Cup

Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane has questions the mentality of England fans and has suggested that some are waiting to ridicule the country if the players fail to deliver at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Kane, who is a candidate to lead the Three Lions out as captain in the summer tournament, has been subject to mockery in recent weeks after Spurs successfully appealed against the awarding of their second goal in a 2-0 win against Stoke City to team-mate Christian Eriksen.

Following that, the FA Emirates Cup Twitter handle surprisingly jumped on the bandwagon during Spurs’ 2-1 semi-final defeat to Manchester United two weeks ago, something manager Mauricio Pochettino described as “embarrassing.”

The tweet contained a three-second clip of an interview with Chris Smalling with the caption “What’s in your pocket?’ In the clip, the United defender stated “Harry Kane,” which would have been for a totally different reason in reality.

Kane’s boss Pochettino stated in his post-match press conference: “We need to protect our English players. We need to give them belief. We need to teach them, to educate, and this type of situation disappointed me a lot.

“For me, it was embarrassing. It was a shame because the FA is English football… and a potential captain like Harry Kane in the World Cup… I think was difficult to understand, very, very difficult.”

The 24-year-old striker, who has scored 27 Premier League goals this season, spoke on the controversy himself: “I talked to the gaffer about it and all he was saying was, ‘Would other countries do that to their own players?’ Probably not.

“The FA tweet was a silly tweet, we all know that,” he added. “It is something that has gone, it was two weeks ago or whatever it was, I am over it. The gaffer said I was sad about it, but I am focused. I am a guy who gets on with things.

“If it happens, it happens, I move on, I look forward, I look forward to the next game, that’s all I worry about, getting out on the pitch and doing my job.”

After Spurs’ 2-0 Premier League win against Watford on Monday night, Kane went into further detail about how English fans are treating him, calling it “strange” and a “mentality thing.”

During his post-match interview, he suggested that some England fans are looking forward to the country continuing its trend of poor performances in major competitions, simply so they can “take the mick.”

“It is easier these days to maybe banter England players, if we don’t do well in the World Cup it’s, ‘Oh we told you so’. On social media you can get a few people that don’t see eye-to-eye but that is part of fans and opinions.”

Kane called out supporters for a poor mentality but maintained that the players are focused on doing the country proud in Eastern Europe over the summer, regardless of what is being said about them.

“It’s maybe a weaker mentality, but it is what it is, as a team we are focused on what we need to do. We have got to go with a mind-set and a belief that we can win, we try and win everything we do and the World Cup is no different.

“Everyone is passionate about their clubs and rightly so, but as a nation when it comes to the World Cup that is the most important thing, that’s what comes first.”

“For me personally, I have always engaged with my fans, there are a small minority of fans that maybe go over the mark, but that is life, you can’t get too down about it.”

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