Why Herbal Cosmetics are Better Than Chemical Ones

With the burgeoning popularity of the ancient Indian form of exercise, Yoga, the sales of herbal cosmetic manufacturers have surged ahead as well. Yet, it would be misleading to say that the value of herbal cosmetics was not realized any time prior to the “Go Natural” movement of the contemporary age.

Their persistent presence in the market is a clear sign of their loyal customers, who place their trust in its quality and results. And coming to terms with such facts, it is only obvious to wonder as to why herbal products have been so popular amongst customers?

Factually, herbal cosmetics are much like herbal medicines that are derived from natural plants and shrubs. Their primary aim is to enhance the physical appearance of the skin or to recover its lost charm. Besides the observable and obvious benefits, the other perks of using natural skin care products are as follows:

Save the Planet While Saving the Skin
There is a big advantage that comes from using herbal care products. Considering that the ingredients used by handmade cosmetics india in the production of their goods essentially come from plants, it can be safely concluded that they produce little to no harm to the environment. On the contrary, chemical-based cosmetics are made up of ingredients that cannot be directly obtained from nature. They are manufactured in heavy factories that consume as much energy resource as they release toxic wastes.

Say Goodbye to Skin Irritation
Chemical-based cosmetics are not only made up of unnatural compounds; they are also laden with a number of other chemical agents that enhances its quality. From artificial colors to fragrance producing compounds, the chemical cosmetics contain many other agents that help in uplifting the looks of the users’ face. However, over a prolonged period of time, they cause redness, irritation, and breakouts of the skin. So unlike unnatural cosmetics, herbal products provide better skin care treatments without any risks of damages to the face.

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If it Smells Exotic, It May Be Harmful
The first thing that strikes any user about chemical cosmetics is its exotic fragrance. Leaving alone the texture and the output of its application, chemical-based cosmetics make the user feel good by making his/her make up smell really soothing. But rarely is it known or mentioned that these desirable fragrances are composed of complex chemical that can affect the lungs and/or breathing parts of the body. The seemingly harmless and sweet smell goes into the body through the nose and damages the internal breathing parts. Over time, usage may even produce considerable toxicity in the skin or blood. But herbal products come with a rather comfortable and wholesome design. Their sweet fragrance is a characteristic of the ingredients used in their production, while their texture is maintained by using plants rich in natural oils.

Freedom from Side Effects and Their Repercussions
The side effects caused by chemical-based creams cannot be recovered with mere allopathic treatments. In fact, the damages incurred due to over exposal of chemicals often become permanent on the skin. But the same is not true for herbal products. Since they are made out of considerably harmless ingredients, herbal cosmetics can rarely cause side effects to the skin. In addition, their natural ingredients can be used on any skin type without any worries of inverse reactions.

Herbal cosmetic manufacturers are coming with new combinations of plant products every day to meet the shifting demand for such products. The vast number of natural products available in the market is a clear proof of its demand. Users must first try herbal goods before forming their pre-conceived opinion concerning the same.

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