Things to Keep In Mind While Hiring Packers and Movers

Relocation can be a hectic job. The best way to do it is to hire professionals to it. But if one has hired packers and movers, it can be more hectic. There are a hundred points to keep in mind while hiring packers and movers. One is obviously worried about the safety of their belongings while they are transferred to their new location.

Below are at least 8 points to be kept in mind:

That they are a licensed and registered company:
One should ask the question if the packers and movers company have proper documents and that they have a legitimate business. Potential movers should be asked this question first! Sometimes they are a bunch of shady people who loot you and surely nobody wants to fall in that trap or deal with such companies.

References of their past customer:
They should be able to provide you with a list of their customers for your reference purpose.  You can even ask them if they can give reference of customers who think their service was great and were content with it in the past.

Duration of their business:
One should be sure that the packers and movers company they are hiring have a considerable duration of working years. As the number of years worked would be directly proportional to the experience they have in the field. Thus, they prove to be efficient enough if the duration is longer. The service expected will be high quality and also established companies will give you a detailed report of their previous works.


That they are giving their commitment to do the job in writing:
An honest and reputed packers and movers company will be happy to accept the terms to write their commitment on a contract. A fraudulent company will never promise you on paper. This is the most important thing one has to keep in mind while hiring movers and packers. One should never trust whatever what they say. At the paper will speak louder than words. So make sure they put all the rates and everything on paper.

They should be asked if they have liability insurance in case of any mishap or accident:
This one question is the most important to be asked to moving companies in India. They offer two types of insurance in India, that is, transit and full liability. Transit insurance is cheaper and it covers damages in transportation. But liability insurance is that which the moving companies offer themselves. Hence, it is necessary to ask them about the kind of insurance they offer; the charges and also the protection that it offers to the goods.


Their payment terms:
Payment is another critical thing to keep in mind before you hire movers and packers. One should ask the question if they have a flexible payment term or not. Whether they need advance before doing the moving or not. Different companies have different terms when it comes to paying them. But the ones who are genuine, they are supposedly more flexible.

What if the deadline is missed:
The penalties for missing the deadlines should be mentioned clearly. If they fail to deliver the goods on time it is one of the worst situations for the company’s reputation. You have to make sure to have a predefined deadline considering all the excuses in advance.


If they are operating locally:
If you are moving locally then, a local packers and movers company is a good choice for all the packing and shifting. Big company for a local relocation will cost more.

These are just a small list of those first important points to be kept in mind before hiring a company of packers and movers for effective and damage proof relocation.

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