Tips To Get Manager Job in Hotel Management Industry

The travel industry is growing at a very faster rate. The reason behind this is different destination spots which attract a large number of tourists all year around the world. Lodging is the biggest employers in the travel industry. This, in turn, generates a large number of job opportunities for the job seekers.

A wide range of candidates gets the opportunity to work in Jeddah. Some profile requires being a graduate or master’s while others require a diploma degree and in some cases, certifications will work. Doing jobs in Jeddah offers a huge number of benefits. For example, free of cost accommodation in case you are an expat. Tax-free salary adds the benefit of saving salary and many more.

There are various responsibilities associated with people who are looking for jobs in the hotel management industry. Some of them are as follows:

  • If you are a manager then you are responsible for covering almost every work of the hotel which includes customer services, checking of food quality, catering, and supplies of the hotel.
  • The manager is also responsible for the schedule and conference planning, transportation services and other special services provided to the VIP guests.
  • Therefore, the manager has a key role and responsibility in keeping up with the name and reputation of the hotel or motel by managing the rest of the staff efficiently.
  • The responsibility of hiring candidates and giving training
  • Supervising other members of the staff is also covered by an assistant manager, who has to coordinate with the general manager as well.
  • The manager also schedules working shifts and assigns duties to his/her subordinates.
  • Negotiating with the vendors, writing reports and coordinating for various events is also covered under the supervision of assistant managers.

Eligibility to do jobs in the hotel industry

  1. A degree in BHM, Bachelor of Hotel Management degree, is necessary because of this they will be able to move to other areas. For example, business accounting, accommodations and many more.
  2. If a candidate has completed MHM, Master of Hotel and Motel Management degree, they can work in the construction industry, marketing etc.
  3. Course in hotel management also increases your chances of getting jobs.

Why Kedah?
Kedah attracts a large number of tourists which in turn generates a large number of job opportunities for the job seekers. The city offers other benefits as well as tax-free income, medical insurance facility which is mostly covered by the employers. And this, in turn, is pocket-friendly as you can do more saving than less of expenditure on useless things. Accommodation facility is provided by the employers if the candidate is an expat. So if you are thinking of doing jobs in Kedah then you can register on Monster Gulf, upload your details and start your job search to land yourself in a dream job.

Before you start your job search you need to take care of few points so as to land yourself in a dream job.CV should be prepared with all essential keywords so that employers can find your resume while searching for the candidates.

Author Bio:-
Parthiv Prabhakaran is a passionate content writer who writes articles related to jobs and career opportunities in various profile. When not writing, he loves exploring the tourist attractions.

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