How An Adjustable Gas Block Can Increase Your Rifle’s Performance

Owning and operating an AR-style rifle or even any semi-automatic firearm requires a fair knowledge of the systems on which the gun relies. It’s a fairly different game from break actions that require a minimum of moving parts and don’t have too much sway in the difference between peak performance and ‘just squeaking by.’ With sporting rifles, there are quite a lot of options you have when it comes to swapping out components to enhance performance or even just change the functionality of the gun’s abilities. One of these components is the gas block on your rifle, and the truth is, though your rifle may shoot and cycle well, the gas block your rifle came with just might not be giving you the most you could expect.

Your rifle’s gas block is responsible for transferring some of the pressurized gases inside the barrel generated from the burning powder back along the gas tube toward the action and is used to actuate the bolt carrier group. Essentially the gas block turns a bolt action rifle that would otherwise require manual cycling into an autoloader. Every semi-automatic rifle out there comes with a gas block of some sort – otherwise, the action wouldn’t cycle. Moreover, depending on the make and model of the rifle, the gas block is likely going to be well matched to the bolt carrier group to deliver generally reliable results. Here, however, is the catch. The arms manufacturer can account for the weight and specifics of the bolt carrier group that is standard on the platform, as well as the range of temperatures and pressures generated by the firing of a certain subset of factory loaded cartridges that the rifle is chambered to shoot. But what happens when the shooter has more than one particular make of cartridge used in the gun? Not all .223 cartridges are created equal. Additionally, the shooter may be into handloading and be generating higher or lower pressures for additional velocity or minimized recoil. What happens when the shooter decides to alter or change the bolt carrier group to decrease friction or minimize cycling time, as some shooters are wont to do?

Any of these scenarios might come into play, and each of them makes it necessary for the shooter to look for an Adjustable Gas Block 750. Here’s why – the gas block your gun came with will do its job, but adding an adjustable gas block 750 to your rifle and making the necessary adjustments for the loads you’re shooting, the weight of your bolt carrier group or even for the recoil you desire will completely overhaul the performance of your rifle. By adding an adjustable gas block 750 to your rifle and tailoring it to your loads and bolt carrier group, you can minimize recoil, encourage the highest reliability in cycling, and diminish the time it takes the action to cycle. It’s simply another trick you should have up your sleeve when you are into tweaking your rifle to get the highest performance out of it.

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