Here’s How Your Cat’s Actions Speak Louder Than Meows!

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Have you ever seen a beautiful tiger sitting in sophistication and wondered if you could have a similar pet in your house? Well, you can, the only difference being that your very own “tiger” would in actual fact be rather a lot smaller. No matter how much cats are criticised on being selfish and devoid of emotions, they still continue to this day to make great pets. Even if you are officially a ‘cat-hater’, it’s still hard to not find a cat cuddled up on your lap cute.

One of the major problems faced by cat owners is difficulty in understanding what they are conveying and how they are feeling. As opposed to dogs, cats are less expressive and have subtle signs of showing how they feel. They show signs of love, anger, agitation and content through various actions. However, it is believed that the cats only show certain signs in front of humans and not in front of other acts.

This should make all the cat owners feel special as their pets have certain actions reserved only for their owners! Once you get well-versed with these actions, it would be easier to understand how your cat is feeling at any point of time. Here are some of the most common and observable actions that cats do and what they mean (discover the rest on your own!):

The Famous Blinking Actions!

You must have seen a cat blink slowly at their owners. If you haven’t, well the owner must have been a real pain! Whenever a cat blinks in a slow fashion, it is their way of showing affection. A cat’s blink is their way of saying ‘I love you’. You can try stroking their lower neck and rubbing their cheeks, which are most likely for you to get the famous ‘cat kiss.’ You can also see if your cat blinks back by blinking at it. If it really likes you as an owner, it would blink back at you. Therefore, if you receive a slow blink from your cat, you should know that you’re a loved owner!

The Straight Tails

You must have seen cats straightening up their tails when they see something exciting. This is a way of them showing excitement. A cat would always get its tail straight whenever it sees something exciting or something that makes it extremely happy. You can test this on your cat by seeing her actions after it meeting you after a really long time. If the tail goes straight, you were highly missed. If not, you might have to improve as a cat owner!

Attention-seeking Meows!

This is where cats tend to behave like human babies. Just like a human child would cry to get attention from their parents, a cat would keep meowing to get attention of their owner. This is only limited between cats and their owners. A cat would hardly meow at another cat. Generally, it would make meowing and squeaking sounds only at their owners to get their attention. This might be to ask you to do something. If their food bowls are empty, fill them swiftly. If they are feeling uncomfortable due to excessive fur, get good pet clippers and groom them neat. However, cats don’t only keep meowing to get their owner’s attention. They are also known for doing the same when they are hungry or if they want to go out. So, if your cat meows at you, rest assured that it considers you special and it wants attention of their owners.

The Satisfactory Purring!

Some people find a cat’s purring annoying, but it also says a lot about its state of mind. Cats are known to purr when they are at peace and are satisfied. Yes, cats can be content as well! Majority of cats purr when they feel loved and sit next to their owner. You can therefore be at peace just like your cat if you hear the satisfactory purrs!

Restless Chirping and Chattering

There may be times when you would have seen your cat sit by the window and make chirping or chattering sounds. Your cat would generally make such noises when they see a potential prey. Your cat might have seen birds outside the window when it makes such noises. It may also make such noises right before diving on to a mouse when it is spotted inside the house.

The Hissing Sound

Your cat is likely to make a hissing sound when it feels threatened. You can expect this sound before it attacks a prey or anyone that is disturbing it. This can also be the case when a cat sees a stranger and perceives them as a threat. Therefore, you not only need to keep this in mind for your cat, but also for a cat you’re meeting for the first time. If you hear a hissing sound, you might be in danger!

Condition Of The Whiskers

At any point of time, the way a cat’s whiskers look can also tell a great deal about them. If you see that your cat’s whiskers are stretched outwards and are erect, it is an indication of it being happy. On the other hand, if the whiskers are drooping and are drawn closer to their body, it shows that your cat is upset or even possible scared.

The Show Of Belly!

This is one of the cutest gestures you can receive from your cat. Cats are said to lie down and expose their belly if they really trust their owners. Like a cat kiss, this is also a way of showing affection. However, note that this gesture doesn’t always mean that your cat needs to get its belly rubbed. Cats definitely love belly rubs but don’t expect them every time they flash their bellies.

Therefore, never directly go for a belly rub when your cat lies down in front of you on its back with its exposed belly. You can still be proud to be the owner your feline friend trusts!

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