How Cylinder Liner in Marine Diesel Engines are Designed

The cylinder liner of any small automotive looks no different to the tumbler that you use for drinking water. However, when it comes to ships, the engine cylinder liners are large that two thin people can fit inside it. Manufacturers of cylinder liners take pride in designing these significant components for commercial and non-commercial automotives. To learn about its design, keep reading this article.

The concept of cylinder liner

Basically, a cylinder liner is a hollow shell of cylinder that acts like the enclosure in which the combustion occurs. The term “hollow” doesn’t imply that it is weak in strength. It withstands the extreme level of hoop stress induced in it.

Big temperature difference on the inside and outside of the liner is another significant factor that tends to induce thermal stresses and the liner has to withstand them too. Liner surface is resistant to corrosion and wear.

Cylinder liner is constructed with the thick metal and has the empty slots known as scavenge ports.

What materials are used by makers to design cylinder liners?

Manufacturers mostly use cast iron for constructing cylinder liners due to its lubricating properties. Cast iron offers a great surface for the piston rings to slide along its length. The graphite present in the cast iron in its micro-structure is responsible for such lubricating properties.

Cast iron is porous in nature that helps in minimizing or preventing the risk of seizure of the piston during its operation. It is a remedial measure against extensive galling that occurs during piston motion.

Manufacturers complete the construction of the cylinder by centrifugal casting in case of smaller liners. For larger liners, sand casting method is used by the experts. The inner surface of the cylinder liner is chrome plated that makes the surface smooth. The only drawback of its smoothness is that it stops the oil to spread out effectively and thus, it put bad impact on liner lubrication.

This is how cylinder liner is designed and constructed by engineers working inside the casting foundry. If you want to explore the world of casting foundry and want to see how casting is made, you should visit the nearest casting foundry any time soon.

For queries related to engine cylinder liners, you can browse online articles and find your desired information. In case you need proper guidelines to maintain your car engine, contact your dealer today. Thanks for your time.

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