How Energy Efficient Transformers Save Money And Energy?

Transformers have a lifespan of 20-30 years usually and this is why industries look after other factors like efficiency more than the initial costing. Premium quality energy saving light transformers are the best to bet for industrial clients since it saves money and energy without compromising with its high-end performance. These transformers cost more than other devices since energy efficient transformers are made of low-loss silicon steel with copper windings and sometimes, transformer manufacturers use amorphous steel with copper windings.

The main reason to use copper windings is that the material has lower resistance as compared to the aluminum windings. This allows the machine to produce lower no-load losses and provide greater reliability to its users.

Manufacturers of energy efficient transformers have decreased the no-load losses of silicon steel transformers today. How they did it?

  • They enhanced the construction of the silicon steel
  • They enhanced the laminations cutting
  • They enhanced the lamination assembling in the transformer core
  • They enhanced designing with the help of computer models

What causes transformer failure?

Usually any dry transformer fails when there is too much heat. The proficient team then replaces the unit with one that doesn’t raise its temperature under stress. However, it’s not always heat that is responsible for transformer failure, but degraded insulation from heat can breakdown transformer machine.

How transformer with lower temperature rise feature is better than the usual one?

Transformer with lower temperature rise property is better and more efficient because it uses lower-resistance windings. And since, these transformers are more efficient, the energy consumption is less as compared to other models. Low temperature rise transformers or energy efficient transformers produce less heat waste. The savings can be made in the thousands of dollars in case of larger transformers.

The energy saving light transformers will cover your purchase cost over the time with its efficient performance. Moreover, these energy efficient transformers are likely to last longer since the insulation used in the design is subjected to less heat. You get the better reliability at lower cost when you invest in these types of transformers.

Since less heat is generated by energy saving transformers, your ventilation expense can be saved. If you have an air-conditioned space, you can easily lower the load over the AC with installation of energy saving transformers.

How to avail benefit from energy saving transformer if you are living in a building?

If you are in a commercial building, you know that the power supply is at higher voltages than the residential areas. Every transformer wastes energy via vibrations or heat while converting higher voltages to lower. What makes the difference is the design of the transformer. Energy saving light transformers are built with premium quality to produce less energy waste and deliver efficient performance. There are 3 tier benefits offered by the energy saving transformers-

  1. Longer lifespan
  2. Cost savings
  3. Support sustainable buildings

If you are considering any dealer to get energy saving light transformer, talk about the product specifications and clear your doubts before contracting.

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