How Scrap Metal is Recycled To Make Other Products

scrap metal recycling

Scrap Metal that is generated in the casting foundries India is always recycled to form something useful. It has been the way since industries have been formed and the need to recycle waste has been a priority. Scrap Metal is basically the waste that is generated once the machinery has stopped working or some part is destroyed.

These parts are discarded and then it is called “Scrap Metal”. Previously it was just thrown out. Once a machine stopped working it was garbage. However, now Scrap Metal is used to make a dozen things because metal is expensive and foundries can’t afford to simply throw them away. The metal supply is not unlimited nor is it cheap. And industries have to make sure that they don’t run up a huge cost trying to buy fresh metal and throw the scraps.

Let us look at some of The ways “How Scrap Metal is Recycled” To Make Other Products.

In the industry

Industries are the top users of these scrap metals that are generated. The scrap iron and aluminum is widely used in the construction industry on roads or bridges. Scrap metal is as good as normal metal; it only needs a little processing. Scrap metal can also be used for making things like cars, or airplanes and other such transportation vehicles.

The containers that are used to carry products like oil or even LPG gas cylinders are made out of these scrap metals. Scrap aluminum has several uses, like in appliances. The toaster or microwave oven that you use are made out of these scrap metals. While big machines need fresh metals, the smaller appliances can very well be made of scrap metals.

As a matter of fact most metallic objects these days are made of scrap metals, even in big industries because metal supply has dwindled over the years. It is harmful for the environment if we don’t re-purpose the scrap. Scrap metal is simply worn out a little and modern processes ensure that it is made as good as new. Industries buy scrap metals extensively to melt them and make them into brand new things. Scrap metal is cheaper and reduces costs.

Stronger metal products

Surprisingly once scrap metal is processed it can be used to make better products, like steel can be made into high quality tools. They also require less energy, because scrap metal doesn’t require as much heat to be melted as new metal. So through processes like electric arc furnace, scrap is melted and made into tools or machine parts. This not only saves loads of money for the industries but also reduces carbon emissions generated by virgin metal.


Most of the steel or aluminum used in furniture comes from scrap metals. The benches or steel tables and gliders are made out of scrap. The stapler, the clips, the little iron parts in your machines are actually all reprocessed scrap.

Casting Manufacturers India now make more things out of scrap than they do out of virgin metal because it’s easier to procure and less expensive.

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