How Third Party Inspecting Team Tests Power Transformer?

Power Transformer

All power transformers manufacturers India perform inspection and testing according to the approved drawings, purchase order specifications, company standards, and within the rules and practices or regulations as may apply.

In this article, experts will discuss how third party inspector checks and tests the power transformers and on what basis. Read this article fully to know the answers.

Material inspection by third party

The first actual testing work is the material testing. The genuine copies of mill certificates of material are available at the premises of manufacturing unit. The third party inspection team examines these certificates to match the specifications.

They review

  • Manufacturer’s name and location
  • Certificate number, grade
  • Chemical composition
  • Batch number
  • Mechanical properties
  • Cast number for metal parts
  • Surface finish
  • Heat treatment condition
  • Defects if any
  • Overall structural observation

When third party inspection team performs their job and checks material, it offers IVR or inspection visit report that contains four things-

  • Confirmation of satisfactory document review
  • Record of all non-conformities
  • Record of the endorsement of certification witnessed/reviewed
  • Record of any tests performed and the result

Fabrication inspection by third party

Once material inspection is done and experts get satisfactory results, then power transformer manufacturing team starts fabrication or welding work. The third party inspection team checks the following things in accordance of approved drawings and standards –

  • Fabrication – protective finishes and hygiene of the tank areas and components
  • Correctness of windings, insulation, terminations, spacing, and general built
  • Freedom from damage, contamination and foreign objects
  • Manually inspect security of wedges

Construction inspection by third party

The team checks these factors in accordance of approved drawings and applicable standards-

  • Paint using certain color swatch, measure thickness
  • Outline dimensions
  • Clearances, interface dimensions
  • Name plate

General arrangement inspection by third party

The third party inspection team checks that all components, instruments, terminal boxes, control switches, etc. are correctly rated and located, with specified labeling.

Efficiency inspection by third party

The team of experts calculates the efficiency from the losses. Third party inspector analyzes the calculation in manufacture records of quality control.

There are many other inspections conducted by expert team. If you want any professional assistance or if you need any guidance for your transformer, contact Transformers manufacturers India and get the best advice.

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