How to Backup Zoho Mail? – Best Method to Export Emails from Zoho to PST

The best efficient method of the Year 2019 to export Zoho mail to PST is described here. Know how to Backup Zoho mail with the safest method and reveal the process to easily export mail from Zoho to computer hard drive.

Zoho mail has emerged with the CRM hosting. Now, Zoho comes under one of the best CRM hosting service provider. Zoho has created a good customer user relationship for the Zoho users, providing an analyzed mailing for the user’s growth in their business. The Zoho mail can be used by its subscribed users as well as the normal users. But the free users will not get a Zoho domain email account to use. The users who where a subscribed user of Zoho can retain the Zoho domain mail account.

Using Zoho mail is usually meant for dealing with customer queries and creating a good relationship. In some situations, the Zoho user wishes to export their emails to be retained after for future use. In some cases, the user stops the subscription of the Zoho for their reasons. They to try for keeping a backup of their mail data for referrals. But they only get their email data downloaded in the EML format. This makes them dependent on EML supported email clients.

Thus, in this article below, we will be sharing a method that will help you understand how to backup Zoho mail in various file formats. These formats are moreover supported in all email clients. They are PST / EML / MBOX / MSG file formats. Let’s start exploring the top method of 2019 to export mail from Zoho with attachments to computer hard drive.

How to Export Zoho Mail Emails? – Best Method of 2019
The topmost technique that is popular for 2019 is the SysTools Zoho Backup Tool. This application offers a direct mechanism to download Zoho mail on Windows platform and viewable with their supported mail applications. The software offers various features that help the user to get their important email data in the local end with just a few clicks.
We will be discussing the features in the coming sections. Now we move to the procedure and see how to backup Zoho mail emails into various formats on computer.

Steps to download Zoho mail on Windows OS

  1. Download And Run Zoho Backup application
  2. Launch & Get access to the tool with Zoho domain credentials
  3. Select the file format for Backup (PST/EML/MSG/MBOX)
  4. Browse a location to save data in the local drive
  5. Apply filters for selective email data backup
  6. Hit on the Start button

View the backup file concerning the format supportive email clients. This backup file will be retained for the lifetime period. Also, it will maintain the data structure and read / unread status of the emails. From this procedure ended, we assume, now you are aware how to backup Zoho mail emails to a local hard drive. In the below, we will be discussing some of the eminent features that this application offers for Zoho mail export. Read till the end to know deep about the technique.

Key Features of Zoho Mail Backup Tool
The most promising efficient functionalities of Zoho Backup Software are defined and described below

Multiple Format Backup: The application can backup Zoho mail in 3 + file formats. They are PST/EML/MSG/MBOX file types. These file formats are supported by Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Apple Mail, and other popular email applications.

Delete After Download: Provision for the user to free up free space in the Zoho account without losing data. This option delete emails from the Zoho mail account after the copy of Zoho emails are downloaded to the local hard drive. This process is done automatically and no further manual intervention is required on it.

Selective Email Backup: The user can perform selective Zoho emails backup by applying filters. The utility offers two filtering option. One is Email Folder selection. With this, you can select the email folder to be downloaded and the rest is skipped during backup.
The next is Emails filtering. In this, you need to set a date range using ‘From’ and ‘To’ calendar fields. The emails within the date range will only be downloaded and the rest of emails are skipped.

Manage Live Zoho Download Process: You can halt the ongoing Zoho mail Backup process in the middle. The Zoho backup tool offers two option of Pause and Resume. These are used to stop the process and restore from the stopped position.

These are some major and popular features of Zoho mail Backup application.

In this write up we have discussed the topmost solution to export Zoho mail emails. We have described how to backup Zoho mail emails to computer hard drive on the Windows platform. Also, covered some eminent functionalities offered by the method for efficient mail backup.

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