How To Book Your Flight Tickets Online with Cash Discount!

book flight tickets online

Booking flights ticket is easy but you need to know the basic steps for a seamless process. Thus, it is important to know exactly what you are doing on the website before you make a hefty financial transaction.

Online transactions often intimidate a person. Not only are there a lot of symbols and terminology to be up to date on, but a lot of new features to be aware of. However, online transactions are also the easiest and most feasible ways of booking flight tickets. Thus, when it comes to booking flight tickets online, here are a few quick steps how:

Round trip or one way?

There are two types of flight people can usually choose from. Most often, people travel to and fro between two destinations. In such a scenario, it is best to book a round-trip flight, as it also ends up costing lesser some times. Alternately, people can also book a one-way ticket to their destination. When you are relocating, or are unsure of your return date, or even your travel itinerary, a one-way ticket may be a safer option.

Block your Dates

The next step, while booking online, is to block your trip dates. A drop-down menu usually appears in the corresponding boxes, and you can select the month and the date accordingly for your flight. For round-trip flights, you will have to repeat the process twice, once for the date of departure, and once for the date of arrival. For one-way flights, the drop-down menu only appears once for your date of travel.

How many Passengers?

People either book tickets for themselves, or a group, if travelling with family and friends. It is important while booking online, to give comprehensive details about the people who you are travelling with. Initially, before booking a flight, you are just required to enter the total number of passengers and specify the number of children and adults in your group before choosing your flight.

Choose an Airline

After you’ve given all primary information, the site will show you a list of available flights. You can compare different airline rates for your travel dates, and pick an airline such as SpiceJet or IndiGo which is most comfortable for your travel. This comparison may also help in choosing a cheaper option, and save some money.

Availing Offers

After you book your airline, you are usually redirected to a new window where you can avail seasonal offers if any. This is the step where you can save up on your transaction. At this time it may be best to search the internet for specific codes to save on your fare. For example, if you are searching for Pune to Delhi flights look for similar discounts and codes which can help you save money. Try using these codes on the page to see if you are entitled to some special discounts.

Give Contact Details

After choosing your flight, you’ll be asked to give your name, email and phone details. This is a means for the airline to contact you and update you about the details of your flight bookings.

The Payment

After you’ve reviewed your route and rechecked your details, you will be asked to choose a mode of payment. Like all other e-transfers, you will be redirected to a payment gateway portal, where you can punch in your card details to make the transaction securely. After you’ve made the transaction the confirmation of your flight booking will be sent to the email ID, you have previously provided.

Thus, these are the quick and easy steps you can use to book your flight tickets online. If you are stuck while booking, don’t hesitate from calling the customer care for guidance and help. Most websites mention a 24 hour customer care number to help you with your bookings.

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