How To Check if Your Phone Calls Are Being Monitored?

Phone Calls

Nowadays, the use of spying apps for monitoring calls has become rife. We see many people saying their phone calls were hacked and someone had been monitoring them. This is a serious problem for many people as they don’t want their calls to be monitored.

The fact is that with new and better technology, on one side we have got have got excellent options for making our work easier and on the other side this tech has put us in serious trouble.

Many people use monitoring apps, android spyware to monitor and track calls of other people. Parents are doing it very often as they are worried about their children, their phone calls, online activities and what they do in their life.

For this reason, parents monitor their children. Employers, as well as people in relationships, are also spying on their employees and partners respectively.

How To Check Phone Calls Are Being Monitored

Signs Your Calls Are Being Monitored

All this is troublesome. People are worried that how their calls are monitored. They don’t know how phone being hacked.

So we are going to guide the users about how they can identify if their phone calls are being monitored and what they can do in this regard to prevent such things and keep their data safe.

Odd Phone Behaviour

Usually, the hackers or people who monitor phones use spy app, hacking tools,and apps that can sneak into the devices and allow them to got their desired data. When such apps or software are installed on phones, they alter the phone behaviour. So if you notice your phone behaving strangely, you should take it seriously.

Battery Consumption

You will know how your phone consumes battery. It may drain normally or fast. But when you see a change in battery use and it the phone is consuming battery rapidly, you should take it serious as some apps may be working in the background that you don’t know about.

Such apps are spyware and they have no presence on the devices but track phones and monitor every incoming and outgoing call.

Background Noise

This is one of the powerful signs. Normally, there are no noises when you make calls. It is smooth and you can hear each other without any problems. But when the phone is being monitored and calls are recorded, there is noise during phone calls.

If you hear some noise and it is disturbing, you should be careful because your calls are being monitored. People use spy software that is invisible but create noise during calls.

Phone Temperature

When you play games, use heavy apps or do tough things- the phone temperature rises and it consumes battery rapidly. Similar is the case with spyware or android spy apps. When they are installed on a phone to monitor calls, they use battery fast.

This leads to high temperature of the phone. The back of the device is really hot. The phone has to provide power and it puts pressure on the device so it gets hotter.

Mobile Data Use

Every phone user knows how much data they use, what activities they do, what games they play and when they spend more data. If you notice something unusual in data consumption, you should think about it.

The spyware need mobile data or internet connection to monitor calls so your mobile data will be consumed without your knowledge. With all the above signs and this one, you should protect your device to avoid being monitored and tracked.

How to Prevent Your Calls from Monitoring?

We have talked about the signs that can help you spot if your phone calls are being monitored. Now we are going to talk about some tips that will help you prevent such things and stop your calls from being monitored.

  • Always keep your phone’s software updated. This is very helpful in this regard.
  • Never give your phone to anyone. Remember, never.
  • Use strong passwords, iris scanner or face ID locks.
  • Don’t use public internet connections.
  • Reset your device if you believe phone is being monitored.
  • Be careful about your internet and email accounts as they will tell you about such things.

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