How to Choose a Good Plumber in London

You don’t want to call someone who knows nothing about plumbing. Calling an inexperienced plumber in London into your home could be very risky. You need to see through a lot of things when calling a plumber to your home. Here’s a list of all the valid points to be seen while calling a plumber.


Try to rectify if you can solve the issue

There are many plumbing issues that can be solved by you. If you have encountered a leaking issue, the first thing you need to do is to turn off the stop cock. The next thing you need to do is to find out the area where the leak is coming from.  Is it from a pipe under the sink? is it when you have a shower? is it from a central heating pipe (that’s the pipe that joins up the radiators)? Make a note of where you get to see the leak.

Such information will help the plumber to get a detailed picture of what has happened. So when you make a call, the plumber can instruct you on how to deal with it further. Take some pictures of the issues that you are having. A video can also help.

If the issue is not that an urgent or emergency case, you can watch some videos on youtube to find out how to fix it. You will get tons of results from it. If the issue is not that big enough, then spending money on plumber would be wasteful.

If you see water stains on the ceiling, draw around it with a pencil. If the drips are getting worse, the marks will extend past the pencil.


Finding a good plumber

In order to find a good plumber, you need to do thorough research. Don’t depend on the yellow page you see on the first number.

Research is very important here. You can start by calling your friend or any known person who can give you the contact of the best plumber in your locality. If you have got no connection of any family or friends who can guide you to the best plumbing service, then do some research on the internet. Search for emergency plumber London on the internet.

If you are searching for some local plumbing service, ransack their performance via reviews of the previous customers. The reviews will help you in having an accurate idea about the function of the plumbers you would be calling. Check out their websites and go through their team members and their work accomplished.

You need to see for a company who has been in operation for a long time and has a number of experienced engineers. It would be better if you check the reputation of the company. See if they have the solution to your problems. If you get to see the majority of positive reviews, you know that’s what you want.

Good companies care about their reputation. They never let their customers suffer from plumbing issues. Choosing such a company is worth your effort and money. They will always keep their customers happy.

Now here’s the thing, for the plumbing job, even the sole traders can easily help you but the question comes of the trust. There’s no issue in hiring a sole trader but you need to be sure of their reputation first before hiring them to do the job.


Chatting before booking

Call the office and talk to the plumbing company directly. Inquire about everything starting from what they know and how much they are experienced with the matter. Analyze their way of speaking. If you are friendly and really explanatory regarding the issue you are having then they are absolutely made for you!

Saving money before the arrival of the plumber

Once you have made a call to the plumbing company and you know that they can do the job very well, give them the information about your plumbing issues as much as possible. Tell them what happened and how far you have taken the steps (if you had). Tell them about the parts, including the serial numbers. Send them pictures and videos if possible. Such things will be asked by them if they really need that or else you can also send them in advance.


Ask for the charges

You really want to know the charges rating of the plumbing company. Be very sure of the fact what you need them for. Explain them openly for what reason you are calling them and the approx time they need to stay at your home for the fixings. Some companies will make a call out charge whereas some companies will charge on an hourly rate. you need to be very clear from the beginning in order to avoid any further mess.


Insured plumbing company

You need to check if the plumbing company is insured. All good companies are registered with Public Liability Insurance.


The updating of the Gas Safe registration

Don’t allow anyone to work near your gas appliances if the individual is not a Gas Safe registered. The individual needs to be at least 5 years of experience in the Gas Safe course. No individual without experience should be allowed to work for such jobs. These could be really fatal and need extra care on the part of the customers.

Behave nicely

This is really important for the customers and not only the company. A company adheres to its responsibility by having a nice relationship with the customers but a customer should also know that the plumber has solved his biggest problem. A plumbing problem is the biggest problem of every home appliance. As it needs full expertise in the field.

Behave gently with the plumber and he will have full care and respect for you. He will then perform his best to solve your problems, no matter how intricate it is. Building up a strong relationship with the plumber can help you in many ways. A lot of times, you might need help in plumbing issues, he can then guide you with extra care. This way you can save a lot of money by just having a free telephonic conversation.

Keep the details

Now that you have contact with the best plumber in London you need to keep the details of the company. Keep the number of the plumber (when you need him, you can call him directly without having to do further research). So when next time you get an emergency, you can totally depend on the person for the emergency case. Doing thorough research is not possible every time. You need to have a contact number of the particular person who is always ready to help you no matter what situation he is in.


Give him positive feedback

This is really important to build a strong relationship with the plumber. He needs to know that you have the full trust in him and that you liked his way of working. Give him positive feedback and praise him for his excellent work. If the individual has the link with the website or any app version, give him positive feedback onto the website or wherever he wants. This shows that you are fully satisfied with his work and effort.

Don’t just say “nice work”. Give a detailed picture of his way of working and other positive characteristics so that he can be overwhelmed with the fact that you have noticed his hard working.

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