How To Choose Best LMS Plugins for WordPress

Best LMS Plugins for WordPress

Providing information through the online course comes under the LMS (Learning Management System) plugins. By this your share different type of unique information to the students, business owner, and some other person who facing some issues.

The courses you want to provide online are a great way to drive recurring revenue. It allows the customer to visit your site and get relevant information about his topic. Mostly the information you provide is unique but the representing design not good as other sites.

Therefore, You can use some best WPLMS (WordPress Learning Management System) templates to make your website extremely good.

LMS for WordPress is now trending and a lot of people get benefits. They learn best when we can provide regular updates and receive positive feedback from the customers. It is more easy when it happens within the physical classroom, but the online learning environment is more challenging.

This is the reason that LMS for WordPress was created to customize online learning easily and get the customer feedback option.

Now you can see that many people willing to spend money on e-learning and Coursera & Udemy are the best examples. Because they provide courses with terms of quality and prices.

Here you can easily fix your problem to make your website look more attracting and invite the visitor to get the best information from your WPLMS WordPress education themes.

Best LMS Plugins for WordPress

Nowadays many students or business persons seeking information through eCourses to educate themselves at any comfortable place. For this, you only need LMS plugins to start your eCourses.

Take a look at these best WPLMS plugins/themes for WordPress below:

  • LearnDash,
  • LifterLMS,
  • Astra,
  • Sensei,

1. LearnDash Education LMS Plugins

LearnDash is one of the best premium LMS plugins that easy to use and customize fast. Through this, you can easily set up the quizzes, lessons, topics, and categories on your website. It allows changing the schedule according to your course and beneficial to your students. You can arrange different types of assignments for students to take an interest in online learning.

LearnDash is an SEO Optimized, RTL-Supported, and Lightweight theme. If you want to buy it then it comes $129 and provides many facilities to make your website perfect.

2. LifterLMS Education WordPress Theme

LifterLMS is a lightweight WordPress plugin that includes various functions to make your website classy course selling. It provides responsiveness, RTL support, and flexibility to build your eCourse website by using WordPress.

The price of the LifterLMS version is free and also depending on your uses of the features. It offers the review module for a course that helps to make your eCourse credibility.

LifterLMS plugin comes multi-tier courses which provide you to add some extra features to your websites such as unified lessons, categories, training module, and many others. The drag & drop builder is the same as the LearnDash.

You can achieve your goals easily because in LifterLMS you can provide learning lessons as a text, audio, and video mode. You can also include the quiz with a timer, discussion area, and download option.

3. Astra Education Theme

Astra is a flexible, lightweight, fastest, and multipurpose WordPress plugin that provides more creativity into your website to looks perfect as they imagine. The fastest speed of the Astra theme is important for SEO and make your website user-friendly.

You can provide free learning online by using Astra and invite visitors to get reliable information. For this, you can gain user trust and get positive feedback.

Key features of Astra:

  • WooCommerce Support,
  • Online Course Templates,
  • Multipurpose theme,
  • Pre-made LMS,
  • Color & Typography controls,
  • Personalized Profile Image,

4. Sensei WordPress LMS Plugins

Sensei is based on WooCommerce and has real resources behind it that make your confidence high. To use Sensei functionality you have you install Sensei from After installation complete, you will directly enter the editing section and create your course easily.

Drag & Drop builder is not included in Sensei but many other plugins can use. You can add the Videos lecture, quiz section, and grade system to manipulate the work manually. If you want to add any product then you only need to put the product detail and the link adds in your course.

There is no third party involved to use Sensei so if you need Sensei then you can directly purchase it and the starting price is $129. The price of this theme depends on the usability of the Sensei theme. If you use extra plugins then you have to pay some extra amount.

I hope you can understand which type of LMS plugins are helpful to manage your eCourse website. They all are easy to use and comes within your budget. Therefore, pick any one of them according to your needs and create your website with the help of WPLMS any time you need it.

In case you have any problem with LMS plugins then send your query by a comment section.

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