How To Clean After A Party When You Are Alone!

Have you had a party at home and been all upside down? Although for many to organize a meeting of friends or family at home is something fun and comfortable, it can become a nightmare once it is over and it is about regaining order. In a way we want to give you some tricks that will teach you how to clean up after a party. With these tips you will have the house clean again quickly and easily. And remember: if there’s a lot to clean up after an event, it’s been a big party. Let’s do it!


If the house is a mess and there is a lot to clean, the first thing you should do is ask for help. Between a few will end up much faster. Organizing a cleaning team will be more effective, so you can designate tasks so that each one takes care of an area. In case you have to do it alone, be patient and make yourself want. You will get it!

The first trick to end quickly is to remove all that we can throw away. Grab a big trash bag and throw away anything that is neither recyclable nor useful. In other bags, you can place recyclable objects such as plastic containers or glass bottles. This method is perfect to be able to focus then on cleaning details and properly clearing the areas with more crap.

Once you have removed all those objects that can be thrown, focus on the glassware and the dishes. Deep cleans glasses, plates and cutlery. If you find it convenient, leave the dishes soaking for a few hours so that the food remains and dirt become soft and easier to remove. This step is important, as well as giving a greater image of cleaning to the kitchen, you will not suffer because the food remains rotting and spread the bad smell throughout the house.

Make a selection of foods that can be stored and those that can not. If you notice that food is in good condition, you can store it in the refrigerator, otherwise it is better to discard it. This will also prevent food from breaking down and impregnating your home with a bad smell.

Once you have ready the kitchen, it is time to address everything that may have been the product of a spill. The sooner you start cleaning the stains on carpets, sofas, floor, furniture or upholstery the easier it will be to remove them. Use the right products for each material, if you do not want to end up damaging it.

With a damp cloth, clean the surface of the furniture and tables to remove any remaining dirt that has been trapped in the material. You can also use best microfiber mop for this purpose. It is also important to clean windows and doors, especially if there are large stains from splashes or spills.

With so many people around the house, the bathroom will also have become a mess. Cleans and disinfects the toilet properly. It is important to maintain a neat image and avoid possible infections.

Finally, sweep and scrub the floor. It is important that you do this in order to prevent dirt from encrusting in every corner of your home. We recommend using cleaning products with rich odors so that your house, besides looking good, smells clean. Once you are finished, you will have the satisfaction of having organized a great party and seeing your home in perfect condition.

Bonus Tips: Golden rules for the good use of electrical appliances

To help you to use and maintain your kitchen as best as possible, we have made this small guide of useful tips in which you can discover 5 essential recommendations for the care and proper functioning of the elements that are part of it.

  1. Extractor

Put it on before or since the start of cooking and do not forget to clean or replace the filters periodically. We recommend the use of protectors (covered in our manual) placed on both sides of the hood.

  1. Dishwasher

Once the washing cycle is finished, wait a little while for it to cool, and when you open the door do not give off excessive steam

  1. Refrigerator

Do not forget to close the door well and check that the water outlet (internal drain) is completely free of any foreign element.

  1. Sink and faucet

It is very important that you check that there is no drip in the sink cabinet. Remember that Xey kitchen furniture put at your disposal a floor collector specifically designed for this piece of furniture.

  1. Allogenic spotlights

Never touch the lamps with your fingers to avoid deterioration. Always use a protector such as a glove, cloth etc.

  1. Blend-Juicer

Wash juicer after you make the juice, smoothie or else. As pulp of fruit or vegetable can decrease its longevity & loose sharpen of blade. Most of best juicers on the market have manual for cleaning guideline..just follow that

If you follow our advice, you will see how all the elements of your kitchen will remain in perfect condition for much longer.

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