How to Convert Google Takeout to PST to Import Gmail Backup into Outlook

Google Takeout is a backup service, which is developed by Google Data Liberation Front. This service enables Google user’s to download a backup of Gmail account in ZIP file format. The .zip file involves a separate folder for all services which is selected to export. It allows to export data of multiple services selected by users and with this service users can create backup of Google data (like emails, calendars, contacts, etc). But, sometimes users want to export mailbox of Google Takeout to PST file. Therefore, in this section, we are going to discuss an easiest way to convert Google takeout to PST & import Gmail backup into Outlook application. Before that, let us know why users need Google Takeout.

Why Users Prefer Google Takeout?

Google provides a secure storage for all digital assets, and you can easily access them from anywhere you can get data connection. When you want each file, or when a file migration utility does not work as it should, a simple way to download data can be a lifesaver. Here are a few things you can do with the help of Google Takeout include:

  1. Moving a large number of images to your laptop for editing
  2. Maintain your MS Outlook, Apple Contacts, or calendarsc
  3. Clear out space on your Google Drive by archiving old photos and documents to physical media
  4. Download purchased books from the Google Play Music
  5. Creating a redundant archive of important files to save on cloud services

Make Google Takeout Data Backup to Convert into PST

First, you should keep a regular backup of Google account data. In that case, Google Takeout will help to make a backup of Gmail mailbox data. To use this kind of service you have to follow steps below:

  1. Login to Google Takeout with Email ID and Password
  2. Now, choose which Google service backup you wish to download
  3. After choosing the Create Archive button, Google Takeout will create the archives of selected dataNext, you can download your data and save them on the cloud.
  4. Finally, you can check the entire data from the desired location.

After downloading the Google services, you can view all your mailbox data including emails, contacts and calendars, which are stored in MBOX, VCF and ICS file format respectively. Thus, you can easily import VCF and ICS file in Outlook application, but you will not be able to import MBOX to Outlook. Because MS Outlook does not support MBOX file format. Therefore, to import MBOX file into Outlook you need to convert Google Takeout mailbox file to PST file.

You can visit – for more information.

How to Export Google Mailbox Data to Outlook PST?

There is no solution to directly import Google Takeout emails into Outlook so you need a reliable solution to convert Google takeout to PST. One such tool to MBOX to PST Converter. It is designed in such a way to convert MBOX to PST format in bulk. It offers two different options, i.e., single or multiple PST file to create Outlook data files. It also provides Drag and Drop option to perform the data conversion. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that even a novice user can use it without taking an external help.

Time to Conclude

Google Takeout is the free service to create backup of Google services, but it does not provide any approach to convert Google Takeout to PST file. Also, in this blog, we have discussed how you can export Google takeout data to PST file to import Gmail backup into Outlook email application. Moreover, in the above section, we have suggested a reliable third-party tool to simplify whole process.

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