How to Deepfake Videos Detection?

DeepFake video detection is possible with Cogito having team of highly-skilled professionals who an easily identify such fake videos before it can damage the personality of any individual. Deepfake videos contains the visuals of a person who is not originally doing the action or saying something else. In such fake videos, a mocked face is used on another person using the AI-based technology, that uses the multiple images data sets to create the fake video.

How We Detect Deepfake Videos?

Detecting deepfake videos is not easy for any human eye, even if you have informed a video is fake you can’t identify the which part is fake and which portion is original. But there few factors considered while detecting the deepfake videos which contains movement of mouth, eye blinking patterns and skin tones changes or color of hair etc. However, there are various other factors considered by the experts when they check deepfake videos.

Cogito is providing deepfake video detection services to identify the fake videos and remove them from various online sources helping individuals to live without risk of bad reputation risk in the marketplace. It is capable to detect the various types of contents including audio, video and images wit best level of accuracy.

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