How To Export and Backup Google Apps for Business Emails Perfectly

G Suite or Google Apps for Business being easy to use, known to be an extremely affordable cloud-based business collaboration suite. In fact, over the past years, it is extensively used by a huge number of businesses. However, there are various circumstances where the requirement to backup Google Apps for business data and emails on local system is needed, such as-

When an employee leaves the organizations, then it is good to save all the data items of ex-employee mailbox on system before deleting the account.

When there is a requirement to access emails of G Suite account(s) in other mail clients like Outlook, Thunderbird etc.

To save a copy of Google Apps users accounts mailbox data on the system for backup purpose. So, in a data loss situation, users can access the data from already saved backup file.

In all these situations, the main objective is how to perform Google Apps for Business export emails. For this, we are here to help. In this article, we are going to show some easy-to-use methods that can download G Suite emails from multiple accounts with ease.

Export and Backup Google Apps

#1. Inbuilt “Data Export Tool” to Backup Google Apps for Business
Google Apps has a tool named as Data Export, available in all G Suite plans. Its function is to save a copy of data from all G Suite services like Gmail, Google Vault, Contacts, Docs. Apart from this, the data from Team Drive, Hangouts Chats & Google sites are also exported.

However, before using this program, there are some prerequisites that are needed to be followed. Otherwise, this tool will not enable in Google Apps for Business.


  • This workaround is only operated by a super administrator. Also, the super admin account should have been existed more than 30 days after the domain creation.
  • Enforce Two-Step Verification in admin account.
  • Number of users should be less or equivalent to 1000 in Google Apps account. In case, when the user accounts are more than 1000, then direct contact Google Cloud support to turn On Data Export tool. Otherwise, this utility will not work.

Once the requirements get fulfilled, then use the tool using below instructions;

  • Sign-in with Google Apps administrator.
  • Navigate to Admin console and click on ‘<’ button to open panel.
  • After that, select Data Export under the category of Tools.
  • At last, click on Start to backup Google Apps for Business data.


Downsides Associated With Data Export Tool
This workaround is easy-to-use but has lots of limitations that make it unfit to (Google Apps for business) export email. So, let’s have a look on each demerit-

  • Data export tool approximately takes 72 hours or more to download a copy of G Suite data items.
  • It is impossible to extract data from an account that is created in last 24 hours.
  • The tool cannot download data items from a few desired users account.
  • It might be possible that some freshly added content will not be downloaded.

After reading the limitations, if you do not want to make any compromise with data, then it is better to use an alternate and perfect solution for the same task. One of the workarounds is described here, let’s explore this.

#2. Use Efficient and Easy-to-Operate G Suite Backup Tool
It is evident from above that Google Apps for Business export emails through Data Export tool is not worth. So, it is good to use a smart and affordable solution named as SysTools Google Apps Backup Tool. It is extremely a useful utility that makes G Suite data flexible for several platforms, including Thunderbird, WLM, Outlook by downloading into PST or EML format on local drive. It can backup email Google Apps for business including contacts, calendars, and documents from G Suite mailbox on user’s specified location within few mouse clicks.

Apart from this, it exports data from all G Suite plans in preferred file type in the minimum time of utilization. Moreover, there is no constraint applied by the tool for its functioning. In fact, it can be used by single user or Google Apps administrator. The best part of utility is admin can select any mailbox for the conversion process.

All in all, the tool can be run on any Windows Operating system, including Windows 10 Home or Pro. Also, the simple and self explanatory interface of software makes it usable for technical as well as non-technical user.

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Final Say
That’s all about how you can backup Google Apps for Business emails. In this article, we have illustrated a manual way that downloads a copy of G Suite users accounts data, But, due to its limitation, we have also provided an affordable alternative, Google Apps Backup tool. A versatile utility for G Suite to download its data at designated location. Now, opt for the desired method that is suitable for you.

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