How To Find The Right Astrologer for You

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As Indians we place immense faith in astrology. We consult it for many major decisions in our life, from marriage to a new job placement. Many of us may even have family astrologers. We have all certainly heard of stories where timely warning by an astrologer prevented a calamity — dodging an accident, a bad job or a bad alliance. Even those of us who do not normally believe in astrology may find ourselves at a crossroad when we need some kind of extra perception or intervention.

The question we will be faced with at the time will be how to find the best astrologer India. Astrology may be practiced with careful calculations, observation and predictions, but for those of us who are going for consultations, it is ultimately a matter of faith. This is why we need an astrologer we can trust. Unfortunately, this is a profession riddled with scammers and swindlers. So, it’s important that you make your selection carefully:

Ask around

There are good chances that someone you know has an astrologer he/she trusts. You may even find someone in your own family. Ask your family and friends to enquire in their own networks about a reliable astrologer. As with anything, a personal recommendation is always preferred. But ask them why prefer their astrologer. Is it their warm approach, successful prediction or some other connection? Now decide if this recommendation works for you.


You have to start with a little homework. Even if you have received a personal recommendation, you need to follow it up with some research at your end. Every astrologer today has a website. The easiest way would be to check this out. The website will typically contain information about their practice, the type of astrology they practise, their beliefs and principles etc. They may also have a blog on their website. This is also an important window on the beliefs and thinking. Go through all these carefully before deciding.

In fact, the Internet is a handy tool for gathering all kinds of information. You can use it to research further into the astrologers in your area. You can use the social media like Whatsapp to look for astrologers. Many of them may even have a LinkedIn account, which will help you to research further.

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People will often travel far and wide for best astrologer India. But if this is a problem for you, stick to practitioners in your own locality. Fortunately, this is rarely a problem in any Indian city!


While it may seem all the same, Astrologers often have specialisations. Some excel in making predictions; some are good at making horoscopes, while some prefer consulting on psychological, financial or spiritual matters. Astrologers often start in the same manner, but later develop these specialisations. This comes from their interest in the area. It obviously means more experience and confidence. Some astrologers may also offer specialisation in other services like Vastu or numerology.

Look for forums

Many cities have astrology forms and associations. A little research will tell you about associations in your own area. You may even be lucky to stumble across a conference or talk where you can meet astrologers and hear them as they address their peers. This is a good opportunity to gauge different astrologers and listen to evolving point of views. You can also freely interact with various practitioners and ask them about the best astrologer India or astrologers they respect. Candidates who feature more frequently are obviously your answer!

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You can also look for online forums. Go to social media and search for astrology groups and conventions in your locality. If you want, broaden your search and look at a more national database. These forums are a goldmine of information and will tell you about the evolving thoughts and trends in astrology.


This can be a bit tricky because there is no single certifying body as in the case of doctors or scientists. But astrology is studied at an academic level in India. So, a degree or diploma from a known University means that the practitioner has some knowledge of the subject.

But keep in mind that some of the best astrologers in India did not have a degree. Recognition from peers would be a better source of authentication. You can ascertain this through astrology forums.

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