How To Get Right Estimates From Moving Business Companies

The moving estimates will help you to get the accurate picture of the moving expenses. You need to make sure that you collect quotes from multiple companies and find the one that is according to your needs and requirements. Follow these tips for collecting the right moving quotes.

Do not sign blank documents.

Don’t sign blank or incomplete estimates, and do not use any moving company that asks you to do so. If the mover asks you to sign incomplete documents the day of the move, tell them you need to reschedule and then use a different company. A company can scam you by having you sign an incomplete moving estimate in Wimbledon UK and then adding charges you never agreed to.

Choose companies that charge based on weight.

Most legitimate movers charge based on the shipment’s weight. A few moving companies charge based on volume of your cargo, measured in cubic feet. It’s much easier for a moving company to overcharge you if they calculate based on cubic feet, which is why this practice is illegal in many states. Your best bet is to ask how the company figures its rates, and only get complete quotes from ones that charge per pound.

Get an estimate based on an in-home walk through or inspection.

Although you can easily get quotes over the phone or online, you’ll receive the most accurate quote from movers who inspect your home in person. If you’re moving across state lines, your mover must follow rules established by the U.S. DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These rules say if you live within 50 miles of the mover’s location, they have to base the estimate on a physical evaluation of your belongings, unless you expressly waive that right.

Get an accurate inventory list.

When they give you the written estimate, the top rated moving companies Wimbledon UK should also provide a full inventory list of everything they’ll move. The inventory is sometimes called a cube sheet or table of measurements. Get a copy and check it carefully for accuracy. Make sure each piece of furniture is on the list, including smaller items like end tables. It should also include an approximate number of boxes.

Consider your moving date.

The time of year significantly affects moving costs, with higher charges during the summer. When you get your quote, ask whether the price would change if you adjusted the date by a few days or weeks. Also ask how long the quote is good for. If you wait too long to book the move, you may need to get a new quote.

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